What Issues For The Family Does Its Family Constitution Remove?

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted October 10, 2023 in Family business

What Issues For The Family Does Its Family Constitution Remove?

This is one of the most common questions asked by a family businesses entering their third generation in the next 3-5 years.

They said we struggle to understand what precisely will get solved if we take on this vital long-term task for our family. By this question, they do not mean benefits which is an effect of solving some issue or problem.

Their question is: What issues and problems will be solved and eradicated by having a constitution in a living and breathing state? 

So, I am writing this exact piece of information describing which issues today you may have or will be en route to your next generation, risking your path to continuity of abundance, prosperity, love, harmony, and success.

Below are the noted issues, risks, and problems that you would avoid or eradicate should you have them using the Family Constitution: 

Category 1: 

Issues caused by power  If power centers were gracefully removed, and harmony can become the mainstream for everyone’s personal and professional growth and wealth. 

Issues that the power centers are causing or may cause: 

  • Issues related to keeping transparency subjective and not objective  
  • Issues of keeping financial dominance withheld at power centers  
  • Issues of not sharing or limited sharing of high-value priorities  
  • Issues of egoistical defence, attack, blame, and victimization games. These are silent killers of the harmony. These can all be removed or prevented in the future with the constitution 
  • Issues of mediocrity can be removed from those holding power centers or aiming to 
  • Issues of soft bullying, in some cases even hard bullying, will be resolved 
  • Issues of biased communication around the power centers be resolved 
  • Issues of politeness of tongue, yet the heart is not humble, it is fearful, or filled with suppressed anger – all will be resolved 
  • Issues of not focusing on the next generation unequivocally will be resolved 
  • Issues on lineage are dissolved with the constitution, and all members focus on the constitutional way. This helps enlarge and expand the family’s universe based on leadership abilities and those recognized by constitution that the family will create in the process of making. 

Category 2: 

Issues caused by disconnect due to varying psychographs (learnings, upbringing and experiences) of family members they develop by living in different parts of the world 

  • Large families face serious issues due to constantly evolving thinking, beliefs, and attitudes they don’t appreciate and appreciate. Over some time, it becomes obvious that far corners of the world where families are feeling unconnected and eventually lose connection altogether 

Category 3:

Issues of conflicts at several levels among ownership and within the family will be resolved or prevented 

Category 4: 

Issues of unrest, doubt, and disrespect when decision impasse occurs. With constitutional systems there is an acceleration to decision-making in structured and timely way 

Category 5: 

Issues of health is massive when unrest grows or lingers over a period. Mental health issues and several physical ailments including extreme conditions like nervous breakdowns and death 

Category 6: 

Issues of financial dependence creates a complete loss of who you are and who you become is observed as major regret and risk  A constitution clarifies ownership complications and places a transparent and debatable ground for resolving all issues pertaining to ownership in action and on-coming ownership (family and non-family). 

Category 7: 

Issues around succession can create a rife to disrupt and destroy beautiful family, it destroys business or it destroys a person or few.  

Constitutional system builds a trusted and formidable systems for achieving succession process with objectivity, timeliness, and long-term happiness of family as an institutional success. It will be almost next to impossible to write all tiny issues of daily unrest and tensions.

Having a constitutional system acts as a remedy to heal today and shield to protect not happening tomorrow.