A live dialogue showing a shade of what commitment means..

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted April 2, 2024 in Leadership

A live dialogue showing a shade of what commitment means..

Client: But why do you want me to agree to something that I don’t agree 

Me: Well because you are lying to yourself.  

Client (with controlled anger) How so? 

Me: Because working with you for 2 years now I know that your brain is rejecting the go-to future point but your heart isn’t. Your brain seeks safety whereas your heart seeks freedom.  

Client: (controlled anger now beocming controlled attack!)Chetanbhai, do you think you know more? 

Me: (Coming from the loving space in heart, eye-to-eye with humility to client): No Sir, I am not knowing this – ‘I am seeing this in you’ 

Client: (milder inquisitiveness)Chetanbhai, Why you are doing this? 

Me: Because I am committed to your vision more than you are ‘at this moment’. It is my job as a co-traveller on this road never travelled before to let you ‘Be’ for a while and breath. In the meanwhile, I own the commitment and keep you not losing what isn’t meant to lose altogether or lose to slow death or some reduced version of what your soul wants.

Client looks outside the window for the longest 3 minutes in complete silence). He then turned and said: Chetanbhai, thank you. I was losing to safety and was afraid and ignorant, but you made me think and brought me back.  

Me: Well, thank you for coming back on what is important. Shall we continue where we left then? 

This is commitment. Period. 

How can you be afraid of someone you are helping to grow as better leader, evolve business, and get in grip of his own potential?  

You cannot come from place of fear at all.  

The only place you can come from is love, service, and kindness.  

Hence, I am not afraid of client at all, but I choose to get afraid of losing the vision to some reduced version by his weaker self or losing it altogether to slow or sudden death.  

For this weakness he may carry, I help him step in his power using my commitment to his dreams. It’s my job, I love. 

Thus being not afraid of client as bill payer instead doing the right justice with his real expectations from himself but helping him to get out of his own way. Not for him. Not for me. But for the simple reason that taking committed action to grow momentum everyday is the only way to accomplish the same.  

But for the thing that matters. Because, it’s worth it and it’s not worth losing the possibility and above all losing the experience of growing in the process to become a man with stronger backbone and nerves. Above all I am allergic to losing fun in growing up and experiencing life by stepping in truths I believe in. 

And did I mention that there are only four options I gave to this client of mine: 

You see it’s one life and stop kidding with it by being in the game of whose in equation of client and consultant is more in need? Who’s bigger and who’s not? Who’s lesser important and more? All this nonsense is what I saw in last 12 years in India nothing but soul killing.  

Lets take a responsible and mature perspective: 

Client is one who has a problem to solve. A want to be fulfilled or else eventually opportunity is lost and/or consequences can be devastating and hence undesirable. 

Consultant is the one who has an approach to help the client create a reality that he/she would benefit for whole life and your next generations too. A consultant in our case brings lifetime value that isn’t measurable in meagre money paid one time. 

So, the perspective that will help speed up the creation of experience of growth can be: 

I am not in battle of who’s big here or needy here – I am in game of making life count and live life to fullest possible experience one after the other.  

So, play no more games is what my sincere clients love and sometime they recognise our attitude and behaviour as not just life saver but pride and joy creator for life.  

You see, we operate by removing the ageless peril of mind to those who see they have moral obligation to build a stronger nation through business, who see they have emotional & ethical need to build a kinder, fair and prosperous world, who see they have everything to lose if they remain stuck in safety of mind and ego. 

Choose your kill. Don’t kill soul. 

Hope this rests within your restless soul. 

Remember – for choosing right battle, think greatness and not shallowness or usual nonsense games.  

Since you are brought since childhood in such societal environment even if your home wasn’t hosting such environment you are infected as deeply unconscious levels. Acknowledge above. Smile to forgive anyone especially you. Take breath. Commit to responsibility and not feelings.  

An incidence to share with you all: I was working with a EST 1948 business based out of Eastern Asia. A majestic Chairman, poised and tall with dreams in his eyes at 61 years youth of his. An Indian by roots, born abroad as third generation leader.  

He had been very quick about making deals structure and his views expressed like clear water.  

After a 28 months of working with him and close to signing our third deal, I praised him for his transparency and mainly making the process of sales so honourable and rightest fit to his and mine winning edge.  

In reply to my praise he said, Chetan, It is not about who beats who. I am your client and I am big and you are supplier and hence you have a lower hand, well, this doesn’t speak of our way of growth and working in five continents, generating $3billion per quarter.  

I don’t come from a place of who needs who. Or who wants who more. This is wastage thinking and has a lot of ruin as a result.  

It is about responsibility. I am responsible to my time and my dreams.  

Responsibility is highly personal business. 

Well, I say not more except, stop playing games and choose responsible mature behaviour.  

Respect the fact that your intentions and results gap can be skilfully and with no reduction in vision and zero tolerance to any compromise be delivered by consulting companies like SOCH Business Mentors.  

Hold the importance. Hold the dialogue. Get an actionable outcome for your ultimate aims/vision/dreams that when realised will fetch rewards to you for ages to come. 

Be proud of having a new behaviour that is showing nothing but your ability to commit to what truly counts and no nonsense of playing with time or people, because ultimately in long run you know who you are playing with? 

Time to choose the behaviour reflecting a character that is capable to fetch unimaginable fortunes that you deserve. 

Time to commit.