A mustard seed

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted January 16, 2024 in Leadership

A mustard seed

I want to share with you our recent win – a win which we consider to be remarkable. Remarkable, not because of the size of the project or numbers. Remarkable, because this win exemplifies the victory of a man (our client) over his own resistance to live close to his dream.

For us, this victory of his is the most critical and priceless one As per Stoics, Bhagwat Geeta or any other theological reference too, such a victory over your own limitations is one of the most powerful victories.

A victory where you win over yourself, disallow any barriers created due to your own fear-based ego and where you unleash your unlimited potential with love and power of choice. This is the real victory.

For us, more than winning this project – it is about how business owners think and sometimes even need help to think through options and alternatives in order to achieve compassion for themselves in order to win.

What I am calling options and alternatives here is usually different from those in the minds of business owners such as yourself. While you may think of saving money, delaying a project, compromising the scope, or even silently losing your dream – my options and alternatives mean choosing to wisely invest in your dream and not delay, as time compounds the impact of poor decisions as much as time compounds money.

And, investing in your dream is a decision, that requires your investment of mind, heart & resources.

We often help our clients acknowledge the fact that callings and dreams are not set on bed of roses, but on hard and piercing rocks.

And, this, my friend, is for a reason.

Remember, hard choices make life easy. And the easy choices, makes life hard.

Once you understand this paradox of easy and hard, you will gain the ability to say ‘yes’ to yourself for your dreams and this ‘yes’ will give you the courage and abundance you are after.

This choice – the hard one, is the one you make to see your dream alive in its symphony just like you at the start, imagined it in your heart and soul dancing. This choice will help you create history in unimaginable ways of satisfaction and joy. And above all, you will know that you have delivered what you owe to yourself, when you come in front of a mirror.

For my client, this choice was hard as well.

My client was looking at a proposed portfolio of next generation for his business change and transformation in almost all areas of his business and its core competence. He was inspired by the imbibement of creative and spiritual way of doing commerce.

This portfolio was roughly priced at USD XX million for a 1000 day projects (not even 3 years!).

It took him nearly 2 months to move away from the price and focus on the benefit of this project. And, the benefit of the benefit – that is, seeing him accomplish his dream.

The goal of this project was to reach the level of annual wealth creation of nearly USD 3.1 billion in 3000 days.

The client and us, both understood the benefit case.

We were able to see how these newer abilities will put in motion and make the business thrive & produce compounding (non-linear) results. Yet, the choice was a hard one to make.

Isn’t it difficult to part with money in the present for a future dream?

In these 2 months, we even assessed the global opportunity that his dream could deliver in every quarter.

Our client knew that this dream was only possible if the decision-making framework, associated systems, communication infrastructure and daily movement of the mass for the goal was all put in motion.

We event charted and planned the stakeholder growth map for the next 500 days. Yet, our client wasn’t ready. Such decisions are hard, but cannot be skipped if you have a dream and if you wish for an easy future.

The problem, as we could see: Our client was in between two decisions.

After 2 months of clearly seeing all the dots, he was still thinking Despite the fact that this dream made his heart go hmm… and his soul dance on the rhythm of this very dream. But, he was still thinking and chose to be confused.

He was caught up! Caught up in the comfort, safety and risk evaluation – and was in a false hope of being found wherein in reality, he chose to be lost between the two decisions.

At this point, we had a two-hour meeting that changed the course of his thoughts and perhaps even history once the project completes.

So what happened in this 2-hour meeting?

(I understand this would be a long read but I would like to lay down step-by-step of this meeting so that if you are stuck somewhere for your dream, I could help you come closer to it, even remotely.)

Step 1 of the meeting: 

However difficult the conversation, we re-asserted the ROI of the project

It was important that we both (Client & I) were looking at the same future. As per our calculation and his personal assessment of the same, the project committed an ROI of 40 times the investment in 3000 days. And, this is not considering the benefits it would bring for the client post the 3000 days and the compounding impact of the same. And at no point, does this even factor in the impact on the life, people, community and all other qualitative parameters which makes you win much more in all other aspects of business & life.

This discussion put our client to a calmer zone but it wasn’t enough to let go of the fears that were holding his tight. He needed more than just the numbers to listen to his ailing heart for his dreams

Step 2 of the meeting:

A 50 crore investment portfolio in shares

With compassion, I noticed that he remained unmoved for his own cherished dream and he felt safety in keeping money close, instead of making a choice to live his truth & create the abundance that he deserves.

Seeing how hard it was for him, I asked: Could you (if you want) share the size of your portfolio that you may have been holding for years? He knew I was going to make some point, but at this point of our lives, we trusted each other way more to be swayed by petty doubts and assumptions. He knew that our relationship held care and love for truths.

He answered: I have a portfolio now for almost 10 years and it is somewhere around 50 crores.

I asked: And, how does this make you feel? He said, great. He mentioned how proud he is of his decisions of where and when to invest. He shared how closely he has held and maintained that portfolio for years.

I asked: So, whom do you invest in? Or bet on? And he shared his portfolio of Tatas, Reliance, Nestle, MRF etc. I said: Is it fair to say that you chose to trust these companies (and their owners) since you believe you know them despite having no control, visibility, or access to the reality?

I asked him: Do you see this? What does this tell you? Doesn’t this silently say that you trust other businesses and their owners for your wealth creation, but you don’t trust your own business or yourself!

I asked him: Can you imagine Jamshedji Tata looking for investing in London Stock Exchange’s most performing shares instead of investing in his own dream? Can you imagine him getting happier & prosperous with his money earned by investing instead of creating through his business?

Do you know that he chose to get the best consultants from across the globe, to enable his vision to come into reality – back in the 18th century? And we are yet battling that consultants ask for money. Does this make sense for you here?

Can we take a breath here and feel truths in our heart? In the pursuit of getting rich, we are letting go of our ability to become wealthy and abundant by putting trust on others’ ability to create wealth for themselves instead of betting on ourselves.

I asked him: Who is business? Not, what is business? Business is you. You must trust yourself or else you can tell your dreams to R.I.P (Rest In Peace). And with it declare to the world that you don’t trust in God for giving you the dream in the form of a calling.

Can you do that, I asked? I stepped back in silence and love of a friend, not ever as a salesperson. I am fully aware that my job is to only make you see and say what matters that is not money, but holistic abundance.

In this silence, the mustard seed was born.

A difference I did not know existed until I saw it on his face – A moment of his submission to his own spirit and warm heart. In that moment, I saw his mind saying yes I think this is the truth.

And, I saw literally what sages and saints said for ages that truth will set you free I saw freedom being born on his face.

How privileged I was to do service to a man like him and I am so eternally ready to help him reach what he truly deserves with zero compromise in scale, size, time-to-reach, or anything really. I remained brutally un-compromised and that is kindness my client gifted me to exercise in this mustard seed moment of his.

I call this a mustard seed because…

…A mustard seed is that tiny moment when you let go of your mind and let the soul in your heart take rein over

…A mustard seed is literally that last laugh when you say to yourself that I decide to no longer let my fears and indecision deceive me….

..A mustard seed is that tiny space of time when you put your truth about your calling in action and let go off the fear in you and others who would even die to make you reach your noble heart…

..A mustard seed is when you see for the last time in mirror the person you are consciously leaving behind for your dreams

..A mustard see is that moment when a fearful mind gets power to choose heart and in that instance itself, God sends tsunami of courage to the man who made that choice to live uncompromisingly the dream that was called upon by almighty only

…A mustard seed is that tiny space when fear turns to fearlessness and freedom is born. A moment of that decision when no longer you are keeping two goals in mind – one for safety and one that heart truly wants to create empowered, free and abundance filled life

…A mustard seed is that moment when you are highly vulnerable but you decide to take life head on. You decide to trust yourself and your coach, consultant, and mentors

You decide to trust and this decision itself is that mustard seed size of shift in your being-ness to create the life you truly believe and have faith for. You can also have a mustard seed moment if you allow to not let your fearful ego take over. Remember your fearful ego knows nothing but to keep you in mental play, and not win as you must