The fusion of science and spirituality leads to perennial growth: A family constitution embeds both

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted January 23, 2024 in Family business

The fusion of science and spirituality leads to perennial growth: A family constitution embeds both

Science is about proven knowledge and spirituality is about the unproven but felt. Your behaviour or your conduct is proven but the authenticity of your behaviour originates from the realms of unproven and unattested.

What matters to the outer reality is your behaviour. But what will bring long-term results irrespective of the behavior (that are approved by social evidence) is its origin of authenticity. That is the inner reality.

In family business, members focus overly on the outer reality and outer visible truths. And there, the mighty fall.

It is the inner reality in human beings that unquestionably reflects and manifests the outer circumstances & its consequences, which are visible. But, they all begin in the invisible.

Most of the families raise their children under the default approval and attestation at the behavioural levels alone. They avoid or forget to build any stronghold and mainstay for where these outwardly behaviours come from. As long as brothers’ behaviors appear signifying the social attestation, it stays.

It is crucial for families to understand that nothing prevails but the truths.

The truth which every brother is feeling in their heart will come in effect. It is only a matter of time.

Bite that tongue and it must only say what is socially approving approach almost always kills the soul of family in long run.

Of course, social intelligence needs applying when you are to share an environment of wealth and love but not at the cost of who you are and what your truths are in your heart. 

This for certainty brings demise of family system beyond few generations, especially, during the third generation.

Many see family constitution with too narrow of a lens. They see it as a tool for reducing conflict and improving harmony.

They see constitution as tool to create harmony and peace in the families..

They see constitution as some kind of consequence measuring devise and it be followed to venture in uncertainty with certainty..

But these all are less than half of the truth in reality of what the true power of constitution is and what it must be created in the first place from and for.

  • Constitution is of limited use or purpose if it is only defining rules of behaviors or conduct..
  • Constitution is of reduced use if it is only used for wealth related headaches to be solved..
  • Constitution is far from its true virtue and worth if it is used to hold less anxious debates..

Constitution is not tool for today & neither it is for tomorrow. Constitutions are designed and implemented for everlasting bedrock of principles, laws, by-laws, and much more, that are fearlessly defining the roots of the identity the family is. And, its formidable purpose to create wealth, meaning, success and spiritual abundance with forever keeping emotional landscape filled with love.

Constitution is standing on weak ground if collectively family members aren’t aligned with their heads, hearts, and souls in each and every definition and meaning of key words that governs their fate such as the word, like, money, happiness, relationship, family, and many more.

Incoherence and lack of cohesion in these definitions among the members will almost always produces a fragile and brittle constitution.

Constitution must not be considered at all as a relieving tool from the stressful internal dynamics at present and foreseeable future. Constitution must not be seen as disaster recovery or management guide.

Constitution must be not seen as continuity of wealth tool. It must be not seen as a device to guide when shit falls and emergencies trigger. It has all the above, no doubt, but that is a mere small part, not at all any of them are primary reason nor it must be anyone’s intention to drive its formulation.

The core intention of family is to guarantee a unique kind of continuity. The definition of continuity also only as they all define, agree, and adhere to.   All families desire eternal continuity of wealth, success, impact, harmony and love.

Constitution, unique to every family, must and must only be formed primarily for the families core intention behind continuity: A balance that is uncompromisingly maintained between perennial growth and harmony.

A uniquely subjective and wholehearted acceptance of balance that is uncompromisingly maintained between perennial growth and harmony, suiting, absolutely to the family core identity, mettle, and credence.

Continuity can only be maintained when balance of growth and harmony is strictly maintained. You must understand this powerful meaning of balance that constitution must be consciously designed for in order to sustain the kind of growth, prosperity & success it wants for generations to come.

A balance between growth, prosperity, success, abundance, impact and meaning versus love, harmony and emotional wellbeing in family. This balance is specific and differently unique for each family.

Now, balance must not be considered as slowing down the aggressiveness of family’s ability to produce results. No. It is absolutely about at whatever (rhythm) and not speed that a family can be in perfect balance of growth & harmony for generations.

Imagine a superbike cruising at 230 miles per hour (370 km/h), quite comfortably cruising at this speed maintaining a perfect balance, it is a pride and joy and can accomplish any distance with might of the rider as he intends.

But, one moment of off-balance, can produce jeopardy to the rider, the bike (system) and all hopes associated with reaching somewhere to feel accomplished.

If this off-balance moment, can be endured and has the bike (system) designed and rider has skills to bounce back with no harm, then the superbike and the rider are cruising a long-term balance in harmony and result it wants to produce.

This can be the rhythm the rider and the bike is producing to win long race. Or One can have a bike riding at 100 miles an hour (161 km/h) and can also go on in balance or can equally have odds to go off balance. Same endurance and resilience applied here as above then this can be another rhythm the rider and the bike is producing to win long-race.

These bikes and their comfortable rhythm are like different families of family businesses that are simply different in their rhythm of making long term accomplishments and they only can define what balance means to them.

It is 100% their definition of success, balance, long-term, rhythm, and so forth. There are no right or wrong. No high or low. No much or less. No ahead or behind.

It is all as per the ability to create continuity of balance producing necessary growth while maintaining harmony.

This ability is encapsulated in design of constitution of family and it governance system guaranteeing the family to ride for the family mission bringing perennial success, while restoring love and harmony—in perfect balance.

I hope the above is clear now. Now, Many families mistakenly take constitution as a tool for keeping them all together.

You must realise that being together and acting together can be very different thing. Constitution must not intuitively be used for how to be together as much as how to be together to act in coherence and cohesion of heads hearts and soul – only to achieve unanimously the family mission and its promise for perpetuity.

In case you wish to hold a metaphor closest to help you understand the key role of constitution then ask yourself how does nature is operating from millions of centuries! The core promise of nature is supporting all growths and everything in harmony.

What it does best in order to sustain growth and harmony is balance. If you could design this balancing system absolutely as per your family’s identity, its endless needs, most cherished wants, and truest desires – you are on your way to create a history that lasts for generations keeping constant flow of abundance and love in balance – always. Thus, design it well.

Design such that constitution is no longer a paper exercise but a union of heads, hearts, and souls of brothers, unified in the expert designed and led science and spirituality driven process of engagement. This is crucial for living the constitution using its systems of governance. Family mustn’t go lazy or ignorant on the subject that is deep as ocean.

Get experts who not only knows but are practitioners with necessary depths of the science and spirituality much needed to design and deliver your constitution and its governance systems to execute it such that it is lived and not just kept in a folded book gaining dust on the shelf.

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