Building a Growth Centric 21st Century Organisation

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted June 14, 2017 in Business & Organisation

Building a Growth Centric 21st Century Organisation

Mr. Ramesh and his business partners realised that to thrive in global competition, MKG Grop, a parent company with interest in various industries, will have to proactively adopt the best approaches and global practices. They will primarily have to:

a) Create 21st century suistainable organisation, run by a professional management team that delivers exponetial growth for the family-owned business

b) Build an unparalleled brand to attract customer loyalty and retain the best people in the organisation

We, SOCH Business Mentors, worked with the founders and management team to gain a deeper understanding of the problem areas and co-develop a multi-year strategy to achieve the ambition.

We started by having a series of discovery-led conversations and meetings to understand the founders’ core belief system, aspirations and expectations from the business, today and tomorrow.

To deal with the dilemmas that emerged from cross-functional execution, our leadership mentors enabled the founding partners by enhancing intenal clarity and facilitated essential dialogues for better decision making.

To create a high yielding organisation, we first analysed the current organisation design and ethos. Post analysis, we redesigned the organisation structure and formulated key choices on different business drivers such as workforce, management, vendors, suppliers, culture, processes and systems.

To achieve exponential growth, we directly engaged with the management and the workforce to integrate them with the new systems and processes.

We focused on eliminating the bottlenecks that impact organisational performance.

The customised approach to deal with unique challenges and aspirations of MKG Group is capable of delivering engaged and high performing organisation that delivers suistainable growth.