The Leadership practice

Leadership dilemmas – Our teachers of growth

Dilemmas come to those who want to expand their heart and create a future that counts. There are no dilemmas for leaders who give up or worst, give in. These teachers are crucial and were valued by leaders like Nelson Mandela during times when his peaceful protest was met with heightened force and violent suppression.

Leadership: The cost of your blind spots

When newcomers in London inquire about obtaining a car license and its associated costs, the responses often leave them in bewildered silence or even provoke frustration.  Back in 2002, as I was preparing to apply for a UK driving license – which is now 22 years ago – I discovered that acquiring a license in

Do you choose to not act until it is urgent, painful and expensive. Why so?

I have been noticing a pattern in thinking that affects decision making of business owners.  A pattern that truly creates a slow roasting hell, but it charms many of them, until they bring themselves to a truth of much graver losses of life and then they look back when it’s too late.   Unfortunately, that is

Not able to consistently grow income is not a problem, the problem is you stopped.

A high-integrity client of mine was conveying his deep agony, in questions below:  How come other family businesses who all began their journeys during similar periods as ours and shockingly who began even later than our business have reached the level of success beyond recognition? He expressed with deep agony and curiosity filled eyes having

When you create what your soul asks for, you get fearless

There is a ‘thought coach’ program where I help Chairman of large and mid-size family businesses by working with them to help them reach their next levels of impossible manifestations that they hope for.  There is an unsettling line of thought I use and it always amazes them when they find it to be incredibly

A mustard seed

I want to share with you our recent win – a win which we consider to be remarkable. Remarkable, not because of the size of the project or numbers. Remarkable, because this win exemplifies the victory of a man (our client) over his own resistance to live close to his dream. For us, this victory

Have faith

I and my client were walking in Hyde Park with tall, silent, and majestic oaks during the fragrant chill of springtime… He asked, Do you believe in magic, Chetan? I replied: I don’t believe in magic, but I have come across few times in my life things, I have seen. Things I can’t explain. And,