Not able to consistently grow income is not a problem, the problem is you stopped.

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted January 30, 2024 in The Leadership practice

Not able to consistently grow income is not a problem, the problem is you stopped.

A high-integrity client of mine was conveying his deep agony, in questions below: 

  1. How come other family businesses who all began their journeys during similar periods as ours and shockingly who began even later than our business have reached the level of success beyond recognition? He expressed with deep agony and curiosity filled eyes having genuine need to know this. He continued giving himself a few moments of silence.
  2. How come my family business and those around have same time advantage and we all faced similar outside challenges yet our business is astronomically far in comparison of revenue? Why am I not able to generate revenues as much as them or more? In fact, he added, not alone income but they are monumental ahead in reputation, progress speed and even confidence for their future.

Many of my clients from various industries, sectors, regions and nations hold same curiosity with envy and mix of several emotions having shades of lowness to remorse, when they ask exact similar question per their situation too.  

Whenever this happens, before I begin responding or questioning further, I always make clients realise one thing: 

As long as there is an upbeat passion to create an institutional response fast enough with non-lethargic speed and much needed momentum – you can imagine excelling or better, flying soon with no need of any comparison. 

But, before that, the first thing I would want to know from you is Where did you stop?”   

Skipping further conversation as it remains confidential so I am laying few important points that I share with him that made him turn the table with actionable commitment same day. 

I reminded him one fact – Money is always an effect, not a cause. I told him that you see there is Law of cause and effect and money (good news) come towards the effect side of the equation.  

In business, money comes from making sales. So, where did you stop in your sales, I asked? 

Did you do everything you could possibly to replace that big client?

..Or grew account ethically but aggressively if needed to help your client reach their goals?

..Or you just got lost in your own web saying that sales is bad job where you have to convince people for their own good – how stupid – yes!

Hell No, sales is the most beautiful and responsible job that pushes human race forward. An only job which inspires and instigate necessary change that client gets most benefited for his own good.  

 An only job where you can see the good in other person and help him reach and pull off the stagnation or inconsistent progress he is making. 

Many business owners don’t have an “income problem.”They have a problem with stopping themselves.  

They experience a setback and let it deter them, rather than using it as a growth opportunity to learn something and move forward. 

When you lost the big client, did you immediately take actions to replace that client?  Did you focus COMPLETELY on finding a new client? 

…Or did you go into fear around the loss, focus on the loss, experience disappointment, and settle for the lower income? 

Part of this is learning how to keep your focus on the outcome you want. 

Assuming you have an organisation that has structure, systems, mechanisms, and processes for alignment of actions-of-mass to something you believe in (your vision), its governance, and a communication infrastructure – All this to let minds not sway and distract but to keep a singular focus on sales-generating activities

The other piece is, you have to raise your standards.  

Make a decision that you won’t go below a certain income level each month.  Raise your “bottom line” income—and don’t accept anything less than that.

You’re at your current income level, because you’re tolerating it.

You carry your deep wounds around when there is a cure available and more than cure the afterlife post healing is simply too beautiful and worthy to not work for. 

Once you’ve increased your bottom line, determine what needs to be done to reach that number. And put all of your focus into reaching it.

In business, clients come and go all the time.

It’s a natural part of the rhythm of doing business.

You can’t rely on just one client to make or break your financial goals.

You should always be looking at adding more clients, so you’re not in that position again.

Remember, your income has nothing to do with losing a client.

It has everything to do with the daily actions you take, the sales you make, and the decision you make around what your bottom line is. 

Are you really giving it your all? 

The next time you find yourself stopping, remind yourself of your goal and keep going.

Don’t settle for anything less. You have the power to make your income be whatever you want it to be, by remembering that money is only an effect and it can never grow if the cause never change 

Perhaps your competitors whom you are seeing as astronomically far in income and recognition than yours had begun decades ago investing right thinking, correct actions, and fine-tuned it for four to five decades.  

Certainly they have invested their money and hopes at time when everyone else were just sleeping or not bothered moving this far, but they did because they had the urge to make that mark and create wealth. 

And, they are still aiming for the next two decades of front-running and investing heavily in making them more mightier than ever. We just don’t know. 

I asked my client that the first place to impact the cause of this effect we would like to change is ‘mindset-vision-with-systems-causing-daily-actions!’

  • Not mindset alone 
  • Not systems alone. 
  • But both applied in daily actions. 
  • This is recipe to excel amidst any deep rut you maybe in.  

All you need is a mentor, coach, consultant who cares. Remember – ‘People don’t care how much consultants know, but how much they care’  

I shared a beautiful truth below in connection with him for letting me him grow boundless

“Children are not things to be molded but are people to be unfolded.” — Jess Lair 

We are no different here Mr. Client. We both co-create and build a better future for both and we both will unfold in the process of me helping you unfold and unleash to reach on goals on time, speed, and with monumental satisfaction of inner and outer growth. 

Following are characteristic you should consider for a combination of mentor, coach, and consultant all combined in leadership excellence coach. 

A leadership excellence coach

Why you should have one? 

The following are characteristics that a leadership excellence coach must exhibit to help you accomplish your vision:  

#1: Making you exercise your creator’s role 

They care less about how you feel and far more about keeping your creator’s role for your own life.

They make sure that you stay at it, and you don’t fall.

They empower you with insights, attitudes and perspectives that stops you from whining, blaming, being judgmental or critical.

#2: Making you find deeper questions for yourself   

They will not give you solutions or answers. They will help you find questions that needs to be answered to unlock your next-level challenge on the path to your goal.

Their chief job is to listen intent-fully. They listen to all behind-the-chest movements and tides of emotions happening in you when you are engaged in your progress.

They listen to reach your soul, remain quiet in respect, and constantly think about how they can help you to help yourself.

They will never make choices for you. They would always make you, to make your own choices by free will.

They will raise your awareness, equip you with inquiry, and empower you with their unwavering steadfast presence in your life. 

#3: Committing to your success 

Their commitment to your goal is unbelievably true. Their love for your success is shocking.

Their relentlessness and unyielding spirit can deter gods and demons because they run on an oath to make you successful in your goal.

They do most of their work silently and continuously keep thinking for you. 

#4: Helping you discipline yourself  

They support, assist, and facilitate a creator in you to manifest your desired outcome.
Coaches help you see new possibilities and dare you to dream.

They champion instilling discipline in you – and you’ll love it.

#5: Igniting inspiration 

They are a source of myriad knowledge oceans. They don’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.

They would ask a lot of great questions, listen to you, and be able to see possibilities that otherwise are invisible to you.

They help you ignite inspiration and fuel you with curiosity, even in the dullest moments. 

#6: Helping you stay in momentum 

They are momentum freaks. 

They know the great rewards and grave perils of losing momentum.

They, at no cost, make you lose momentum unless you lose track of who you are. 

#7: Building your trust in yourself 

They don’t care whether you trust them, or you doubt them. They love their oaths for helping you far more than your trust. Eventually, you will trust them like none.

They are committed to your success as you forge and march ahead. Their silent language is – “I am your rock, I am your moon in darkness, I am going to stand beside you, no matter what.” and you better believe this tenacious commitment because they mean it.

They would never say, ‘Here, let me fix it for you’ or ‘Let me fix you’. 

#8: Keeping your focus at all times  

They help you stay centered in your orientation, exhibiting the necessary attitudes and behaviours that help you move mountains.

Staying centered allows you to become much more effective in the outer world since you can focus on your envisioned outcomes and choose your response to whatever comes up—whether challenging or easy. 

#9: Your privacy is paramount 

They are extremely private people and do not share any information of yours. They inhale deep respect for you and what you can learn and move but will share their sentiments with none. 

#10: They are unarmed ‘Krishna’ to the ‘Arjuna’ (Here, Arjuna symbolises you working on your goals) 

They know you will sometimes feel the weight of circumstances and lose sight of what’s most important to you.

These are the times when you need a coach the most.

You will face problems like we all do. There will be challenges that test your strength, but you will find your way through – they will remind you that the only way out is through.

While finding your way, they will help you grow in fortitude, wisdom, and compassion – and these are true and never-ending gift that you can share with everyone. 

#11: Leveraging the power of love 

They are going to pest you for caring for what you want and not change the desire and goal but change anything and everything necessary to achieve that goal.

A real coach will make you see love and all its power of creation. 

The heart knows the truth. Always. 

A coach will always watch this so you can discover yourself and own it with the grace, love, and commitment it deserves. 

A leadership excellence coach can take you where you can’t take yourself.