Ever wondered how you come in the way of your dream? 

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted December 7, 2023 in Leadership

Ever wondered how you come in the way of your dream? 

Do you believe that nothing that man has created comes into existence on the physical plane! First, it must, as a law, be in his imagination. 

Why so? 

In imagination, first and foremost, you create. 

You produce those impressions in your subconscious mind that you have to create this imagination. And, once accepted with belief, the forces of creation work diligently to bring this imagination into reality. 

Who is to imagine, though, first? You. 

Who is to believe? You. 

Who is not to doubt but keep the faith? You. 

Who is to bring it into reality, then? Not you but God, universe, forces of nature, or however you like to see and call it. 

Your job is to not come in the way. 

Your job is to keep the faith no matter what and act as per your heart’s desire to bring that reality. 

Your job is to trust. 

Your job is to pray without ceasing in a constant recognition that what you conceive & believe you shall achieve. 

Your job is to know what you are seeking. 

What is it that you are trying to do? Make it complete and finished in your thought and imagination. 

Once there, you need to own it in your heart. 

Don’t muff it with fears, obstacles and challenges. Don’t strain. Don’t doubt. Don’t throw obstacles in the way. Just take it by faith. 

This is not the head’s belief but the heart’s belief of love, trust and faith. 

You do not doubt it. You do not outline the process but let go of your urge to decide which way that reality should happen and how. 

It will happen if you don’t come in the way, and the joyful experience if you let go and have a wholehearted faith in the power of God or creation or universe. 

Realise that if God be with us, who can be against us? When you conceive your desires of love, life, and living, you instruct without return that it must happen for you. 

Doubt not. Doubt is one of the malignant forces that operate against the faith. Doubt enters thoughts, and you allow it, then worry begins in emotions and feelings, and soon, fear will block your actions or stifle you. 

We open the mind through faith and close it through doubt. You don’t use hope as a word but faith as an assertive demand from the universe stating you want it and deserve what you want. 

There is an old story my mom told me once: 

A very ardent lover began his letter to his fiancé in this way: 

Sweetheart, my love, I would swim rivers and seas to be near you. I would climb all the mountain ranges in the world to be at your side. I will protect you by my life and my death. 

But after pages and pages of such sentiments, he added this at the bottom:

“I will see you Sunday night if it doesn’t rain.” 

Now, what do you notice or rather feel in your heart?  

You don’t do such an act with God when you trust. You have faith, and it’s period. You act with commitment to come what may. 

You don’t show conditional statements but speak unconditional sentiments. Read again. 

Because when you show conditional statements, you break the commitment of God. God, who lives in your heart’s unconditional sentiments, truly believes and feels. 

When you do this, you break creation and the future. 

This is a major way you come in the way of your dream. 

Your inaction to what you get sentimentally pumped up with emotions, and all your heart warmed up is breaking trust in yourself. 

At all costs, you avoid this trust-breaking with yourself and breaking the commitment of God. They both, if you do, you are well on the way to life, never fulfilled from that moment itself, and besides, you lose all power of creation and become a creature of survival. Never to enjoy any kind of creation. 

One important thing when you engage with God is not to instruct God in prayers. Don’t provide outlines and when, why and how. 

When you trust, you just trust. 

You outline the process and pressure, time, or outcome, and you are delaying it further. Reason — God is in your sincere feelings and worries. Trust that he is in you, and you are in him. He knows, but you speak in silence via feelings of love. You just follow these rules: 

  1. Ask 
  2. If there is no answer, Seek. 
  3. If you still get no answer, Knock.

When there is no answer, look inside to let go of something you are anticipating trying or worrying. You are laid bare completely in having faith in Him, laid bare in your most vulnerable state, which is venerable to God. Your calmness in your warm heart will indicate that you are ready to give in to His love. You don’t struggle in water to float. You just lay bare. Understand that water wants you to trust it and never let you down. 

Put all the possibilities, probabilities, chances, and likelihoods out of your mind and give God a free hand to help you in his way. Outlining is trying to get God to go your way. Have faith. Don’t come in the way of your own dreams..