He who has a why to live for, can bear any how- But why so? 

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted December 7, 2023 in Leadership

He who has a why to live for, can bear any how- But why so? 

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote the above quote, and there are probably none of you who don’t know this or haven’t come across this truth. 

Yet, why is this not in practice? Is it that hard? 

Why do people declare failure by waking up and staying okay with survival? 

Why don’t people, when they wake up everyday, declare themselves not okay with survival and instead, get busy creating the life they want? Why do they not engage and keep creating? 

Why is survival such a strong satisfier at the cost of even regrets of a lifetime? 

People choose to survive and create epic stories to support their survival choices. 

Why so? 

In my previous write-up — I said that we are born to create. 

We start creating when we are toddlers. We create while playing with sandcastles and bulding cities per our selected thoughts, ideas, preferences and zero references. But what happens as we grow up, or should I say as we age? 

Many of us lose this creation as we age. 

We transition from creators to compliance seekers and develop a victim orientation. 

The difference between creator and victim is most inarguably exhibited by all of us when we were toddlers. As toddlers, we know what we want, and we go and get it. We knew we ought to build that castle, so we did it. 

We never had the concept even if we didn’t know what we wanted. 

Instead, we always knew what we wanted. 

We were (and are) wired to know what we want and go for it

Victims don’t know what they want because they continuously focus on what they don’t want. Read that again. 

Knowing what you don’t want can be passed to identifying what you want, but focusing on what you don’t want makes you whine, complain, criticise, and ultimately become a bigger victim. 

Creators, on the other hand, focus on what they want. 

They have consciously made themselves aware that outcomes are important. They focus on what they want and hold their intention on the outcomes they aim to create. 

Creators know their why. 

They know that outcomes will satisfy something core to their being. They commit to creating results that are satisfying and sustainable for time once they arrive. 

Creators know that anxiety and fear are natural parts, and they would come either way — victims and creators both have anxiety and fear. 

Creators stick to their game and keep learning whatever it takes to learn and navigate from the situation they are in into the envisioned situation they are aiming to live. 

The creators’ focus remains fixed on the ultimate vision. 

Ever since concentration camps, it has been proven that if you do not have the vision you want to go for, you can die. 

In the modern world, you may not die physically but perish in ways irrecoverable. 

The vision, on the one hand, and the life today, on the other hand, makes you feel the tension. You must understand this tension as necessary and positive. 

Do not misinterpret the anxiety and fear it will bring as negative. It is natural. However, when you intend to achieve and take baby steps, this tension acts as a creative force for manifestation. 

The creators’ belief is about living. 

They consider nothing short of experiencing the life they want. 

For them, living is everything. For them, live every now with the life they want to have. 

One of the things this tension does is help the creators to make changes in themselves. 

This tension as a creative force gives birth to behaviours crucial for successfully manifesting vision. 

Creators know their why clearer than victims. This is also because creators take one hundred per cent accountability, while victims usually take the blame. And, when you take accountability, you are bound to dig deeper to know the why clearer. Embracing accountability for the life you want is self-growth. 

Self-growth fuels when your goal is you. You are living a life that you love and want. 

Creators love living. Period. 

Victims love not living but pity, martyrdom, complain, blame, obligatory living, or form excuses unbreakable by the usual logic of emotions. Victims like to get stuck, remain stuck, and promote similar fates for others to form a community of victims, all unquestionably helping each other to remain stuck for life. 

When you have pure, calm, and clear like water awareness of ‘what you truly want’, then you need not know the how.