Have faith

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted January 9, 2024 in The Leadership practice

Have faith

I and my client were walking in Hyde Park with tall, silent, and majestic oaks during the fragrant chill of springtime… He asked, Do you believe in magic, Chetan?

I replied: I don’t believe in magic, but I have come across few times in my life things, I have seen. Things I can’t explain. And, I have come to believe that it’s not so much as what you believe, it’s how hard you believe it. This is where miracles born – through human beings, through you & I. 

I said, you see all that is manifested, and we enjoy and inspired by them has an epic story of creation and destruction at the same time. 

You conceived something and the creation began with connection of you with you.

Then you join hands, collaborated, with people whose expertise you hired to help you build through your dream. This conception, creation, connection, and collaboration is part of a trust building process.

As your trust grows so does your creation, but this doesn’t bring the creation in mind to its physical world in manifestation.

My client asked: How to manifest then?

I explained my share of observations and insights as below: I have come to conclusion that one can do only so much with trust in him and trust in others. Trust is a safety mechanism and not the creation element. Trust can prepare your head to take the plunge but to ‘make jump’ you need faith! This chasm of taking the plunge and preparing for it is crossed by—choice. 

You see you meet people whom you evaluated and found them ultra-credible to trust is just speaking safety. Important but not enough for manifestation, yet. 

Trust is the matter of occurrences and usually begins with cosmic intervention but again cannot yield to manifestation. 

Faith is the matter of choice. 

The trusted journey can make you reach from conception to just about ready to enter the kingdom of manifestation.

The trusted journey can make you reach from conception to just about ready to enter the kingdom of manifestation.

You raise your consciousness with the awakened mind who understands that life is only worth as much you have spent in pursuit of truths and truths alone and then you advance your awakened mind further realizing that all truths must be sought and pursued but only death.

The truth of death will find us no matter what.

Rest all truths must be found by making that choice and taking actions in its pursuits. What truth you bear in your heart must not remain in heart and must be pursued not at all with lukewarm urgency but all urgency as if the demon is behind any time and it can catch us up.

Let’s understand faith: What is faith?

Did you ever contemplate the things that happen through faith—not that could happen, or the things that might happen, but the things that do happen, the things that are happening even now? 

Where did faith come from?

You were born with characteristics of faith, for it is inherent in man. Protected from the moment of your conception, you emerged into the world with the expectation of continued security (trust). You accepted the loving care of your parents—food, shelter, guidance—without question.

I believe when you come to world, we all bore four gifts from God:

  • Life – the energy and animation by which to live
  • Mind – the power to reason, select, understand, and know by which to become aware of God, of himself, and his omnipresence.
  • Faith – the combination of trust, confidence, assurance by which to penetrate the invisible and to hold God’s promises until they are realised (or manifested) in him and for him.
  • Love – the great reminder of why to live life, why to understand & reason, why to know God, why to have faith, the meaning of all, the meaning itself and the beyond.

Let’s really concentrate on Faith here:

It is the substance of things you hoped for, the evidence of things not seen yet. Faith means that we are confident of what we hope for, and convinced of what we do not see exists.

Faith works magic leaning more in with those experts you created a bond during the process of trust from conception to creation until they brought you to the door of manifestation. 

Trust gets build through occurrences and occurrences happens through chances but manifested reality do not happen through chance, accident or fate but a choice of having faith. The results will be molded by your faith in your power through God.

Success reduced to its lowest and simplest terms is faith expressed in action. Faith is state of mind against which there is no possibility of contradiction. Faith is birthplace of all practical that, at first, are all invisible. Like an embryo in the womb of mother, a unmanifested truth in the womb of your creation is all invisible but much true and practical. You will believe only once it’s out. The bearer feels it all the time like a mother. It is an impractical realm which none have ever missed venturing for whatever they ever created which once was proclaimed infamously as – impractical and impossible. 

Faith is hence a mental attitude against which there is no possibility of contradiction.

If that attitude is directed towards God, it becomes your ability to do anything. When you pray, you have a right to expect an answer to that prayer, providing your conviction is in line with the nature of God. Your mind, however, must be so convinced of its idea, it must so completely want it, accept it, that contradiction or denial is impossible. 

When you have absolute faith, there is nothing left in you to contradict your own prayers for safety from society, money, or any such mundane noise.

Faith is the bridge between the physical and spiritual world. And, you have the privileged to crossing on it at will. 

You either keep the faith or heck it because there isn’t two ways with it.

You want to create you ought to choose one and only one inexistent reality as your truth. The moment of your decision making that as a singular choice will fill your heart with courage and smile on face because you are now unafraid and ready to live your soul’s dance. 

And love begins its kingdom after you are unafraid to die more than willing to live life’s full dance. You enter the realm of love hence, a realm of super creations and manifestation, a realm of faith and nothing else.

Faith not only makes old things new, but it is the point of contact between God and man. It is how we identify ourselves with the Allness of God. Through our faith, God fulfills His promises. Through our faith, His Goods becomes visible and usable. Desire is impressed upon the subconscious mind through feeling of love. Faith holds the idea of desire in Substance until it takes form.

Faith is the most dynamic and transforming force in man.

To become mighty in the individual, it needs only a chance to exercise itself. I, as a student of truths, must work for the highest and most complete state of faith, for faith is the wire along which Omnipotence moves. In the state, there is no longer anything in us to deny, doubt, or divide the Truth we affirm. Truth, we love must need be submitted and surrendered with faith in consistent, urgent, and concerted daily actions only then it will emerge in manifestation. 

Faith is not just a stirring—up the imagination. It is an actual power which acts upon our words. Our language. The dialogue we have in ourselves all the time. Our faith acts on our words. It enables us to see things as God sees them, without blur or distortion.

Faith not only leads you into a definite course of action but opens the way for the Power to flow along the uncongested circuits of your thoughts. No longer hampered by doubts, fears, and worries, you become, as Emerson says, the “inlet and outlet for all that there is in God.”

This quality of faith in you and others who are experts in trust by you can manifest any reality you imagine and beyond.

We must learn that faith cannot lift us any higher or take us any further than the level of consciousness on which we function.

Hence, if I want to know about electricity, how to use it and how to direct it, I associate myself with electricians who are experts with dynamos, inductions, motors, coppers wires, switches, transformers, and much more; through them I come to realisation of electricity.

If I want to know about music, I associate myself with outstanding musicians, with musical instruments and compositions; through them I come to a realisation of music. The girl who is eight years and is holding a greatest symphony in her head about a piano tune only that her body when sits on the piano for the first time all she finds is out of sync the inner symphony and her sound of music when she hits the piano keys…

You see, no matter how clear her music is inside to bring it outside she must have a teacher, a maestro who then teaches her from basics and if she has submitted and surrendered to him and studied really hard, one day she will be playing an exact melody that once when she was eight she heart in her soul dancing on it.

Your path of manifestation is same, if you want to be manifesting your calling take that plunge of faith, make that choice, hold hand of the experts who would only commit to reduce the gap in your inner calling and outer reality.

Choose faith.