Design your business to secure customers’ blessings & Move towards abundance in no time

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted January 2, 2024 in Business & Organisation

Design your business to secure customers’ blessings & Move towards abundance in no time

As we enter a new year, business owners must recognise that simply having a competitive advantage is no longer enough to thrive.

To truly succeed, the organization must adopt a new mindset that is based on creative and spiritual intelligence-based commerce.

This begins with the owners – who first need to adopt the creative and spiritual intelligence at the mindset level. Then, the same needs to be adapted by the whole organisation for a new way of thinking and leading as per the creative & spiritual intelligence-based commerce.

By embracing this alternative way of thinking, the teams can then focus on producing consistent and repetitive business results for continuity of growth and impact, necessary to thrive in today’s times.

Notice that it all begins with the owner.

It trickles down to the last man using the organisational design and its implementation. And then comes the business to deliver the sweet fruits of thriving for abundance.

The above sets the stage for re-writing your destiny with the necessary speed, but there is one important matter of heart to understand if you want to thrive at growing speed and volume.

To explain this important matter, you must understand one essential difference.

It is the difference between ‘helping your customer’ and ‘enabling your customer to reach his goals, vision and better his dreams’.

Please feel this difference. Read again if you must.

It is the breakthrough difference.

To understand this difference better and its astronomically large gap in its results and impact, I will ask you to think this:

What is the difference between being cared for and being loved?

As you can feel, being cared for has its conditional boundaries, limits, unwritten rules, & efforts only to keep the lights on. Being loved is a whole different game.

Being loved has unconditional elements, limitlessness, no-such-thing-as-over-commitment, no rules, no-nonsense, no bargain, no lengths measure to reach goals or desires and so on.

Do you see and feel the difference?

You are now applying this difference in helping customers and enabling them to reach their goals, visions, or dreams in time.

Do you now feel the difference?

This is the hidden power of a business when designed to leverage creative and spiritual intelligence-based commerce to its full strength.

When you are after your customer’s blessings and not wealth – wealth will inundate you beyond measure in speed and volume from all corners.

How do you bring such change and transformation to the mass of people you have?

It is easy and faster than you would imagine bringing upon your organisation.
If the design of your organisation is based on the previous article ‘Creative and spiritual intelligence-based commerce’, and the implementation absorbs its core spirit into people’s behaviours via masterfully designed systems.

In that case, you are holding the key to treasure needing bigger and bigger space to keep the flow of abundance safe and useful.

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I am deliberately keeping this a short write-up.

The reason is that sometimes, we don’t realise that we think of minor differences in closely related terms, such as care and love.

When given a real thought and applied at a wider scale, it can open the doors of heaven or keep us continuously caught up in randomness or poor results and eventually a slow decay.