How clear are you of your future at this very moment? and how certain?

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted February 16, 2022 in Leadership

How clear are you of your future at this very moment? and how certain?

You can only create a future that is clear in your sight and that you hold certainty of that future.

It doesn’t take meditation to clarify what you want. It doesn’t take endless motivation to clarify what you truly want. It doesn’t take spiritual submission to a guru for learning what you want.

It doesn’t take anything except you to have the courage, to be honest with the man you see in the mirror or, more precisely, courage to be honestly honest for the man in the mirror.

Notice, in the above sentence, it is a significant difference of a simple word, from with the man in the mirror to for the man in the mirror.

You will know the difference between two when you feel in your skin – No shame. No guilt. Some tears, perhaps. No fear. No doubt. No veil. And, just plain self-love because you owe this honesty to yourselves (probably from times forgotten)

This is courage.

And this courage is primary if you want to build a reality in future for your family and yourself.

Note, I am using courage and not dare, or being bold because the key is that when you love truly like you love your child or spouse, do you say to yourself that I must take a bold step to step up for my child or spouse? You simply step up.

It’s so natural when you step up for them, and that isn’t a dare or boldness but plain love and the pride you feel for being responsible for them. But, what about you?

Do you love yourself enough to take a simple, lovable step and have emotional fortitude that can deliver the clarity for yourself and then the clarity for the future of the family that will be endowed to you?

Is this complex? Well, not really. Not easy, yes, but not complex at all.

It is far easier when this is the only sure way you can get absolute clarity for the future you want and, more importantly, the future that will unfold, delivering the reality with no martyrdom syndrome but the real happiness, love, and success.

Once the above is done, the feeling of certainty flows in. Belief gets more substantial, and smiles get more meaning and even heal.

But, how do we do this in an Indian Family Business? How do they do it consistently? How is it possible to have every individual get clear and specific for themselves first? And then help each other get this clarity and certainty before getting down to defining the clarity and certainty for the larger family and beyond?

First of all, you all owe this to your family business. You owe to your legacy for the next many generations if you care for them to come and gigantically expand, augment, and adapt to the changing times to thrive, grow in love, unity and success.

If you feel for the next generations but don’t have a robust and systematic method to do this consistently, you should not bother about the future because it will not be coming or, at best, be left to the chance and heritage income.

First, I want to acknowledge with a solemn promise that in the last twenty-five years of serving family businesses, the extraordinary futures that families have created while working with us make me learn, appreciate, love and respect even their silent zones of fears, doubts, shames, and guilts, which had earlier stopped them from creating the future they truly & madly want. Still, only a handful accomplish it as per their hearts vision.

Why? or more important rather, how do you do it?

First and foremost, do you believe that creating a future for self and family business begins with being clear and certain about the future? Do you believe that once and only whence you gain clarity with certainty, your second step for figuring how to achieve comes? Then, how to do it together? And then, how to win at every milestone on the roadmap closing gap with each milestone towards the destined future you all as a family choose to have?

Once you have this clarity, do not hesitate to create as many imaginations of this future you all wish to create. You will be astonished as to how different these imaginations are and how enabling each other to see them, can add to the commitment of this change journey.

Let us trace our steps for a moment. You have clarity. You bring certainty. You bring collective clarity and certainty. You inspire commitment. You develop shared commitment.

And, this is not where you stop. This is where you begin. And we know that you know this.

Lastly, seek help of experts for the above to develop and implement an action plan to make this envisioned future into a reality, in a manner that matters to your family. Remember, like us, experts can help you to help yourself.

There is no other better way to achieve victories of a century in a time span of a decade. This is where the pearl of actionable wisdom is.

Hope this helps stir some thoughts and brew just 1% of commitment for yourself !