Leaders & Owners of Indian Family Business: Tune into abundance

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted February 9, 2022 in Insights on Family Business

Leaders & Owners of Indian Family Business: Tune into abundance

This depends on:
Whether you see money as a tool to buy things or a tool to exchange energy?

Business families who own businesses have to clarify in their core intent whether they are taking money as an indestructible, infinite, and cannot-be-owned energy or are they taking money as a destructible, definite and can-be-owned currency on paper?

This is a serious question and an equally powerful one to help the family tune in to endless abundance or to live a significantly above-average comfortable life feeling happy.

Suppose you want to create an ever-growing & lasting opulence, happiness, love, and success that your family business dynasty carries in multi-folds down to the next generation. In that case, you need to understand what real money is to you? I mean, have that a critical conversation in your poised calmness within yourself allowing you to indeed agree with what money means to you?

And, if you believe it is a tool to buy things only, but you are acting and working hard for reasons far more superior than mere paper currency, then permit yourself to make a gradual yet permanent shift in you as per the same.

If you believe it is energy, then the question is, what is your definition of that energy?

The best way I found is to ask yourself – If your son or grandson asks you what is this money, then what would be your answer to that little boy in your complete honesty? Feel this, observe your emotions, take notice of your answer (don’t judge), and contemplate its impact that will be carried down to your generations currently engaged and generations next.

Is your definition allowing you to tune into limitless abundance? Is your definition obeying and abiding by laws of nature for energy?

I understand that these are not comfortable questions, but has there been anything worthy thing ever created without being starred or dared to stare the fear or truth in acceptance? Has anything been created that lasts in bliss without being understood its spiritual dimension? Has anything ever been created that delivers timeless joys without being true to ourselves and acting in alignment to the same?

With permission granted, I am sharing below with deep gratitude and pride for our family business clients who worked tirelessly with us in helping them build a family constitution.

And, in this making of the constitution that is over a hundred chapters – we had dealt, listened, humbled by, intervened, educated and coached during countless deep level family discussions resulting in clear perspectives, insights, and beliefs of theirs. One of the most frequent areas where healing, learning, even bonding is of paramount occurrence is money.

Thus, tons of times, it is found that families usually are misplaced in their perceptions of money and that has majorly created all kinds of differences among members, the difficulty for growth, slowness, dissatisfaction, confusion, and even deaths of business or worst, family member’s death in some cases. In several other cases, the perceptions of money are too good to be accurate. Hence, it has reflected in effects like the stagnation of business growth, passive anger in members, love as a compromising tool instead of freedom and courage bearing tool, and even lostness and confusion.

Today’s results for the family businesses and their future results are tied down to how unconsciously they collectively and individually choose to see, think, feel, believe and act on the concept of money and its existence.

This tall order responsibility lies with you if you are the generation at the helm. As a chief steward, you must have utmost clarity of this concept that then inculcate to all family members via all formal institutionalisation and informal means, ways and ends. Formal institutionalisation is crucial to help protect, preserve, and prevail the super important love, harmony, unity and commitment for the collective good as the number one driver. Without this formal for the informal, the end is a matter of time, and I don’t need telling that even the end is a matter of time the journey to it isn’t worth it, and no one deserves it.

Most of the problems are surfaced due to wrong education about money. Sadly, we study finance and accounting, yet we skip understanding the true nature and laws that govern money.

Of course, the ultimate choice is with you whether you would like to keep it simple by accepting money as a paper, or you would be more curious and committed to learning and champion living this profound nature of money as energy. It’s all when you allow fear of money to let go and allow yourself to embrace and permit dwelling in the sophisticated yet abundantly spiritual dimension of money triggered when it’s taken as energy. Meaning the abundant nature of money gets activated when you choose to keep your thoughts, talks, beliefs, habits, teachings, and business dealings away from paper but imbue money as energy. The only flip side when you choose this would struggle within you, especially if you had been not only habituated but conditioned deeply with winning a deal by making others lose or not gain as much as they must. Equal basically.

It’s like when you have a decades-old habit of buying something based on how you find it valuable or under valuable or over valuable, but your joy comes when you buy it at the cheapest possible because your victory formula is saving maximum. Trouble is money comes, and for sure, it will come till the foreseeable future. Still, you will be forced by health issues or moral dilemmas or family feuds or losses of such unspeakable nature that you would begin thinking where all went wrong.

The key is that you are following the law of energy; when you are transferring not money in exchange but energy in exchange, that must be equal. No less. No more. This is where actual value creation and natural value capture conscience come. You are in the zone of following the law of energy, and it will only take you to the realm of abundance and nowhere else. Thus, the key is what you believe truly the value of the product or service or crypto you are buying and what value you are going to enjoy its fruits for long term then your calculation of money got to be not based on paper but energy.

Suppose you choose to see it and believe in it as a form of energy. In that case, you might want to champion its governing laws of nature that unequivocally applies to all other forms of energy such as electricity or heat.

Hence, money as energy cannot be destroyed, not created but can only flow through your life. You would never own it, but you can always make it flow permanently through your life.

You would be able to regulate this flow with your attitude towards it, perceptions of it, fear, and greed for it. Regulating means if you pause to observe common laws in physics for energy and try to apply them to money, you might find your liberation from it and begin your process of tuning into abundance.

Law #1: The energy can never be created nor destroyed, paper money can be, but the energy one cannot – thus if you choose to believe in money as energy. Energy is permanently abundant, and no one owns it, but anyone can have it in abundance, should they know what it takes to tune in to abundance.

First, You may ask yourself, how does this help you conduct business to create wealth while tuning in to abundance?

Second, How could you take a personal onus to shape your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, habits, and everything else to receive money as boundless energy?

Third, How you could turn to science for helping all members of the family to keep this truth united in their views and operate out of it daily? And how this truth be manifested through actions of family enterprise as a whole on an everyday basis?

Law #2: The energy can only transform from one form to the other.

Per this law, one loses energy if an exchange is unequal, which means what you get in value versus what you pay.

When a person buys a product or a service, knowing that value the product or service creates in his life is tremendous. Still, he is unwilling to exchange the money energy in equal proportion to it; then, there is a conflict at a more profound level. This conflict is so deep & unconscious, but on the surface, the tension is visible. With this conflict, he will keep himself at bay until he realises that equal exchange is the only way for him to begin tuning in to the abundance that he wants in opulence, success, and even happiness & love.

The choice for the family business is to tune in to abundance or remain at the bay with loads of money but along with perils of the same, which sabotages mainly the living itself in the long run, which in truth not is that long!

I hope this helps ignite some self-dialogue and reflection to help you help yourself.