Want to accomplish high potential daily results – Have you wondered that your rights and wrongs are 100% dependent on your consciousness?

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted February 2, 2022 in Leadership

Want to accomplish high potential daily results – Have you wondered that your rights and wrongs are 100% dependent on your consciousness?

Have you ever wondered how some families cruise their large, multi-continent family members to accomplish goals with relative ease and super speeds, which are unfathomable goals for some? How really?

Have you ever wondered how some families outlive all myths and age-old sayings with happiness, love, success and yet imagine another 16 generations ahead? How really?

Have you ever wondered that we are all made of precisely the same biology – no difference down to an atom, yet, our families function far less effectively than they truly deserve. At the same time, some, under the most challenging and deprived environment, excel with exhilaration and unending glee, growth, and love? How really?

Have you wondered where it all begins in our head, heart, and souls that make our rights wrong and all wrongs right – creating an unparalleled advantage for success that Walton’s of the world have demonstrated? How really?

While working for nearly a quarter of the century on making an iconic dynastic future of the 120 UHNI family businesses with skin colours varying from all shades and hues of humans on the planet, One thing slowly becomes permanently super clear. All family businesses can accomplish beyond their recognition and imagination — they could do it if ever they learn that the singular most mechanism to tune into abundance we have is Our consciousness

It is all in a family’s consciousness – Individual and collective.

What is it? How does it impact? How to have to it when we are already burnt and sad inside? Why is this singular difference capable enough to accelerate growth and dynastic fortune to the level of speed of light?

What is it?

In a simple sense, It is your constant knowing that you don’t know anything.

It is the state of infinite awareness that spots all rights wrong and all wrongs right for the purpose of who you are and what you are truly meant to live

It is in giving, without the thought of taking

It is the state of mind where creativity creates beyond syllogism – a new plane of thoughts giving solutions to problems that first seem impossible – helping you put ahead of all with leaps and bounds

It is the state of mind where fear breaks and love flows, acceptance flows, and soon abundance flows through you

It is the energy field where money becomes energy for you, and no longer you see it as paper currency — this changes the outlook, behaviours, strategy, assumptions, expectations from future and even destiny!

It is the no right and no wrong zone with no charges. Meaning, no plus and no minus charges of emotions but a pure potential zone with endless possibilities to be

How does it impact?

Constant love, not emotions on the tongue but emotions for freedom, emotions for total acceptance, emotions for unconditional fairness, and emotions for submission to the shared spirit of family can eradicate every ounce of fear, doubt, guilt, shame, anger and judgment. When this exists then only abundance, opulence, harmony and balance will flow.

Yes, this sounds idealistic but it is not. Sounds unreal, and that’s what the pursuit to build consciousness of high order is so damn worth it. Few of millions of family businesses understand this.

No dimension of higher consciousness doesn’t impact from health, wealth, power, privilege, prestige, legacy, results, relationships, and personal joy.

Few younger generations asked me before – Does all this really help family business in business or it is just too darn good to be true?

“Again, this very question reflects the consciousness of a young mind, and I simply ask them what do they believe when they learn about families holding wealth more than whole of Africa’s GDP combined! That too, in less than 100 years? What would you say to that? Usually, they shy away but take back a conundrum they are determined to figure.”

Consciousness here could be understood as below:

Awareness is about knowing the knowing

Awakening is about knowing the not-knowing

Consciousness is holding awakened sense combined with awareness giving birth to a fearless endless possibilities state of affairs. This is the state when innovation is truest; flow is tuned to abundance, solutions are planet size generous, all developing a position with no parallel in creating whatever you want to create. Literally! and Limitlessly!

How to have it when our hearts are weary, tired, or too full of ourselves or simply too young or too old?

First of all – it is possible with a mere acknowledgement of yours. It is possible to secure consciousness and all its superpower in an instance with mere one decision of yours

Let go.

Let go of all you believed. Let go of all you ever held pride for. Let go of all.

Feel the plain you and your aliveness within. Connect by letting more go.

Be and be more.

Now, no lies and no judgments and no hatred and no analysis, feel the let go of all.

This is your zone of consciousness, and it is here you see your problems differently, solve them with eternal grace and power, and it’s guaranteed to take reality sooner than you realise. The world around your outgrowth will be seen as unnatural or even paranormal, but you know exactly that there is no magic. There is no silver bullet. You just let go of all thoughts of shame, doubt, guilt, fear, false pride, all of it, and simply allow yourself to step into consciousness and seek out the unique way your problems have never been seen and solved!

You then took the help of execution science for carrying out the choices and decisions you made with sheer structure and mechanisms. You then work hard to build the systems for the family enterprise that becomes exponentially effective to carry the transition of solutions with potentiality into the physical reality.

Those who are reading this and I had helped them gain this consciousness and execution mastery at first have wondered (and few chuckled in doubt first), how the above all would actually help them build a fairest of the constitution and sophisticated systems of governance? How would all this help in family council become the driving force in business growth, expansions, scale, and dominance in first some parts of the world and then later all over the world? How really? How would the constitution design enable the sustenance of consciousness in every member’s breath during pressures, stress, distress, and duress? And many more..

However, today I am only humbled with the revelation that most of them are living true potentiality beyond their recognition. And, yet, their most sincere is love is the biggest gift they were able to keep preserve, protect and prevail using the science of constitution, the art of governance and the spirituality of consciousness in their lives.

Remember, you are only as finite as you don’t let go, and you are as infinite as you do let go. Choose what to and what not to on a daily basis, and for this, have your constitution teaching you all the rightest paths to build and march every day until eons to come.

The happiness, bliss, abundant wealth, business prowess and power all are subject to the blend of art, science, and spiritual dimension explained above.

There is no myth in this. It exists and persists in various parts of the world. You need to wake up and make sure that you don’t waste any more time dwelling but remind yourself that doing the right thing is doing the right thing.