How to consistently create matter most results? — Have you considered taking the help of a decision coach?

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted March 13, 2022 in Leadership

How to consistently create matter most results? — Have you considered taking the help of a decision coach?

Would you agree when someone confessed that they struggle to make decisions when emotions are involved? That they confess making a business decision on finance is far easier when compared to a decision about a family business in matters such as:  

  • Who should be the next generation leader at the helm?
  • How do I ask my brother that since I have no sons but beautiful daughters, sometimes I find myself in a deep grip of worry for their future and even my own?  
  • How do I get holidays that my wife and I want to but my elder brothers don’t take any and I don’t want to have such a tunnel view of the world?  
  • How should I choose a lifestyle that I want, even if it is different from those of my brothers? 
  • How can I decide to make a permanent solution whereby the emotional chord is unhurt and family identity remains untarnished?

In our experience, there are many such dilemmas that family businesses face almost daily. They recognise the dilemma but don’t have an immediate answer or decision to resolve them. 

Sometimes we see them living with dire dilemmas for more than half of their age or more. Sometimes they cease in existence, persist, and even lose their identity altogether or, worse, get into diseases that ruin their super rich wealthy lives!  

Why, at large, do people in family businesses go through this? 

Question is - Is dealing with dilemmas really hard? 

I am sure you have many narration and questions of your own, even not for you then someone you care about… 

Irrespective of the reasons that hold you back – Does this help your family business’s growth?Does this help the glory of your family business? Does this help your spouse being happy? Does this help you become a happy father or son or brother or husband?

See, it matters. It matters significantly more than you imagine…

If your family business is in such a state of being unable to deal with dilemmas creating long-standing stagnation, how can your family business be helped? 

The science can help.   

The experts of science who hold wisdom and the sensitivity of Indian families with an understanding of their social norms, beliefs and values bring hope to the table.   

With over 1000 years of philosophy observations, theological guidance, neurological exactness, social intelligence, science of judgments & heuristics of human decision engine, the science of decisions and decision making has accomplished a deep marvel of knowledge. It has helped experts develop tools and techniques to understand how humans think, perceive, relate, evolve, feel, infer, judge, and decide.

Decision Coaches, with years of learning, experience and practice, are incredibly skilled coaches who help family businesses to acknowledge, accept and understand their dilemmas. They enable family businesses to face their fears skillfully, figure out their bright prospects and execute their decisions by focusing on what is best for the individuals and their family business.

These decision coaches can help you increase your navigation speed though any dilemma in a wholesome way. These decision coaches can help you grow boundless and above all they can help you stay & grow happy and healthy (even laughing loving for rest of your life).

In our experience, they have made a completely dysfunctional family into a loving, growing, and accomplished family business. This is not a mere change by accident but a tenacious work of decision coaches and related experts. They help the family put one brick at a time to build an entire mansion of their permanent hopes and happiness.

Be aware: 

Decision coaching is a highly specialised field, and it should not be confused with life coaching or leadership coaching. The true potential of decision coaching will come when you can move past the stagnation (mental, emotional or financial) through perspectives and a specialised engagement approach. 

Within a few days of working with the decision coach, you will be moved into a better sense of living, breathing and thinking. 

In family businesses, whether you are the first, second or third generation, seeking the help of a decision coach at the right time results in a position of exponential advantage – personally, collectively and in the business. 

Usually, a decision coach works with a family business to create a decision system that lasts through family governance, family constitution and family offices.

In an individual context, decision coaches work with leaders and owners to augment their potential and impact in aspects that matter to them. We have noticed that when individuals work with decision coaches for a consistent period, it brings reflections and realisations that increase the speed of progress and even happiness. 

We hope this clarifies how important it is for you and your family business not to leave dilemmas unattended and allow the stagnation to become the status quo.