Why honesty is so rare among us!

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted March 3, 2022 in Leadership

Why honesty is so rare among us!

Back in times when people were honest, do you remember that time?

If you are like I am and most of the people around, then frankly, we haven’t seen that era.

There can be several observations we can make and deduce from them – many conclusions even, however, the observations and deductions are not going to suggest the reason behind the rarity of the most beautiful thing in man – honesty.

Why is it so?

Because the answer isn’t there outside anywhere.

It is in ourselves.

It is in the questions when answered we may learn the original ideas about the same. So, the first question is why do we care for honesty?

Wouldn’t the world be so much easier a place if we all were utterly dishonest all the time? Do you notice the tension it makes us feel even comprehending the question, let alone answering the one? Why is that tension?

It is because we are the species who believe. We operate out of the beliefs we have held since childhood, and irrespective of the beliefs been helped, it is impossible for us to live in a belief-less world…

We require something to believe in, and we cannot function without faith that we are doing something to believe.

Not having this belief simply robs away our motivation to live.

Why is it so important to have this belief?

We, humans, are born for a purpose. Unknown to us. To be found by us. No meaning until found. No rest until found. No happiness until lived. The only way to find this purpose is by being honest to ourselves about who we are. Meaning, if I am not true to myself, I will lie to the world either out of weakness or malice. In both cases, the lie robs one away from the opportunity to live who truly I am and give the beautiful gift to those around I meet and love who I am. This is key to being honest, and our natural want to stay honest with others.

Do you think it’s worth it? Then, let behold a pledge to be true to ourselves only to light the life with a million happy awaiting us and others who matter.

Perhaps if we want to make the world a better place, begin with the place within and be true with yourselves, stay honest with others.

I hope this helps!