Impact of communication on results leadership wants

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted August 30, 2022 in Leadership

Impact of communication on results leadership wants

Have you ever wondered, being an owner & leader of the organisation, why, when you have clarity of how to run a business, your people fall short?

Did it occur to you that even after explaining tens of times to your leaders and managers, things happen in ways undesired and, many times, untoward?

After months and several quarters of thinking, planning, and sponsoring business initiatives, why do people have difficulty following your precise instructions?

Have you ever wondered what this gap in your clarity and instructions create over the period? – Poor business satisfaction, poor business results, compromised growth, missed opportunity, lack of confidence in the team, and sometimes deterioration of not only business health but also leaders’ health takes the hit? Did it ever occur to you in your calm reflection why the needle didn’t move as quick and in the direction, you planned & hoped?

It is like this – lying doesn’t take skills but being honest and operating with it daily is a rare definite skill that pays off long-term. Similarly, speaking via words, your thoughts & ideas don’t take that skill, and it’s faster and quicker. Getting the desired results would require a dedicated, if not devoted, communication practice and business systems.

Think about it.

No really! Think.

We wonder when our clients express their amazement at the communication backbone they feel while working with us. We are still a sapling in regard to the might businesses have, which thrives on structured, organised business design.

I guess what we observe is when we create a communication plan, we ensure that all stakeholders directly or indirectly impacted must have a well-structured way of carrying the message of value to them. We never try to be friendly or nice with all our stakeholders but instead choose to be honest and empathetic. This helps everyone involved and not involved but observing builds powerful confidence in the information that comes to them, in the series it comes to them and how it comes to them.

The projects at clients or internally all follow a superior communication framework that is constantly evolving. It begins with an assumption about the bearer that there is no assumption. It assumes that mere sharing by mouth isn’t communication. The information or messages must be of value to the bearer. It must consider an acute empathy for the bearer. It must deliver the objective without overthinking how the bearer might take it at their ego.

Hence, our communications team designs every time communication with no past prejudices, judgments, or anything unhealthy.

Businesses are entering a world that demands non-manipulative leadership, a result-oriented, time-sensitive, and progressive experience for all stakeholders to do business with growing trust & hence, business results.

Communication is vital if you want to create a business that thrives on securing a continuously developing bedrock of trust, bankability, and success.

Make an effort to audit the communication practice you have employed in your business & organisation and weigh it against the results you get. You may be able to find a significant gap. If you choose to address this gap, it can result in continuity of success and fulfilment of people in all stakeholder roles.

One leaving thought, if I may, think about your communication and its impact on your relationship. Most crucial is the impact of your communication with yourself. Then check your relationship quality – true quality and not masked social quality.

Leadership begins (not ends) with your relationship with yourself. You can define your leadership ability as per your relationship with yourself. Look at the self-talk you make all the time, consciously and unconsciously. Figure this out and admit the gap and perhaps take up a new dimension to fill the gap.

Similarly, you can audit the effectiveness of results year on year for the last ten years and investigate your formal or semi-formal practice design of communication. You will know what I am trying to help you think through.

The opportunity presented to a business in India is unprecedented and doesn’t come once in a century this easily. If business owners dare to take a naked look at all their current ways of doing business and question what is outdated, what needs to go, what needs to get polished and so on – they would realise that perhaps an entire landscape of your business needs a healthy departure from your old serving practices.

You can look at many reforms in your landscape enabling your business to compete with global giants soon in local business environments, or you probably want to do business in a global location with a global environment and rulebook for making the business successful in both contexts.

The most throbbing impact on positive business results will come via the strength of your stakeholder relationship management done through a well-designed communication function in the business that is integrated well from apex functions to the bottom of your pyramid.

The sooner you realise and make actionable strategic initiatives for the communication backbone, the faster you will make your business do more with less.

I hope this helps!