By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted August 2, 2022 in Leadership


What is perspective? Why it matters? Should it matter?

What is perspective? Is it knowledge of some kind, or is it an insight?

Reason to discuss perspectives:

It’s just an amazingly crucial destiny-shaping thing—your perspective. When clients ask me with pure curiosity, I choose to sit down before an answer when I am in my work as a consultant. More so, I sit because it is the rare question a soul has asked, and it commands respect to be shown for the person I believe who cares enough to clarify such overly spoken terms but rarely understood in meaning and let alone consciously used or developed even.

Perspective is your basic building block that defines your worldview. A worldview is how we see and label the world and perceive all the events around us.

A worldview is not the world as it is. A worldview is an individual’s view of the as-is reality. A view and strictly a view, and this may or may not be actual reality but an envisaged reality or a hoped reality or hopeless reality but not the reality as is.

One can also equate worldview as simply perceived reality. Although every individual graduates in the school of life with leadership when they figure out how to not believe in the worldview as much and continuously hunt for the reality as is. In short, a leader masters the suspension of the urge to believe in what appears but is not absolute and has an approach to helping others. He is leading to the wire with reality today and the reality of being.

Your perspective in any role of your life – husband, father, owner, son, partner, or any role is governed atomically as per your core beliefs, core values, principles, and guiding philosophy. All these elementary things are in a deep silence zone within you but everything you react with, respond to, think inside you, or say is an outcome of a flawless play among these elementary things.

Thus, your perspective is the first conscious reflection of what governs you. Your perspective is hence the lens you use to see the world around you, and we all have our unique lenses, and hence, we all have our unique worldview.

See it this way.

It is the ultimate reflection of who we are and projects upon the world outside the world we hold inside. This projection we do is where we cook a recipe for regrets or rewards that we genuinely care about.

It is simply how our eyes see pictures, but the mind recognizes some meaning that may or may not be confirmed yet perfectly aligns with our inner world.


It is to maintain inner harmony. If our perspectives aren’t helping us perceive the external world as aligned with the inner world, it will invite significant disharmony and sadness.

Our mind strives to maintain all information that comes to us that is pure and unbiased until interpreted using perspectives we hold.

Thus, the reality is always there but not seen, cherished, or even recognized many times. Right in front of us, the reality is still inside our heads, and it’s a different version to maintain inner harmony…

Of course, it is for the ultimate purpose of helping us survive; however, those who make a brave choice to be not bothered by survival and want to thrive cherishing the infinite beauty of the world and in its every single detail, including the air we breathe and people we meet and nature around and even the genesis of our state of the human being—they make a choice to begin not getting worried as much about the perspectives they hold currently but take complete actionable responsibility of creating their perspectives that makes them thrive honouring the reality as-is and not make believe the reality that they used to accept (with pain or worst no pain) thus far.

They challenge themselves frequently and work hard to keep their future state of living to top a priority of not getting caught up in the play of pre-existing expired notions and beliefs forming their perspectives. They realize that the way they have been thinking, leading, and doing isn’t the way it will work if that future they care for getting to is created. They adopt positive unhappiness until their goal is accomplished. By keeping this positive unhappiness and restlessness, they generate a possibility to evolve—not evolve- unless they have a structured plan of action to manage cruise and deviations daily.

You can ask the man in the mirror the following question should you wish to begin taking this actionable responsibility, take the first few millimeters of a mile-long walk really:

  1. What is your leadership perspective?
    • Write it with, if possible, a good old pen and paper and not some device that distracts you while you write, probably something that may open a direction inside for making all outside as you want
  2. How do you notice the above leadership perspective you wrote practically affecting the outcomes of your business, organisation, the leadership of teams, governance, and every decision you make? Write this too.
  3. How this perspective affects your wealth creation speed? How has this affected your emotional satisfaction of what you do to create wealth and happiness?
  4. … make your own questions and keep your inquiry mode on and reach to those pearls of wisdom – once it’s done – don’t even believe for a second that now you have won the world and the reality will itself present to you on platter. You are still at 1 or less millimeter in the mile long journey of disciplined execution of long road map that you ought to create.

When will you decide about having a real life that smells, tastes, looks, and sounds? Begin with a decision to give up survival and make your move towards nothing less than thriving.

Try it. It is fun.

Hope this delivered good pain to you. Welcome to thriving progress.