Owners need to show compassion to themselves

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted July 8, 2022 in Insights on Leadership

Owners need to show compassion to themselves

It seems that owners in our country owe a lot to the world.

Sometimes unfair share of owing to the world. Key is what the world expects from them? Does the world around assume that owners are supposed to deliver the unsaid expectations?

Complicated as it sounds above, in reality it is far more complicated than it appears.

I am speaking of owners who have given generous consideration and kindness to their workers, co-workers, suppliers, and their semi-corporate talent workforce as well.

These are those owners who believe that taking care of people who help them in making their dream come true is their high morale standing. They hold themselves accountable for the growth, wellbeing and future happiness of their staff. The philosophy isn’t wrong however it gets wrong when they implicitly assume that if they care for people at the top then that would demand from them to not care for their little joys and luxuries that they need to afford and enjoy to fullest?

Have you come across some of these noble owners? I am sure you may have seen either in the mirror or around you.

Either way, this write up is for those lads who forget that what they begin with a choice years ago to help people grow and make them happy is now no more a choice but an implicit expectation that the world and even employees expects.

When this gets in play, the truth lord Mahavir when asked that what is poison? And he graciously said anything taken too far gets poisonous gets true here!

Well, I saw more than my fair share and I must tell you these owners have unmatched ability to lead and bring spectacular business results only if they remind themselves that what they are now living is not healthy.

It is martyrdom syndrome now that they are living. Martyrdom serves no one especially people who really love you and want you to be happy. It is simply put a highest order of evil injustice one can do to himself or herself. Abandon this. Grow for good.

You or those you see as above need to seek help for having them rebuild their dreams while age and valour is still in volumes there under the belt for them.

My one message to these worthy compromised souls is this – you owe nothing to the world. You don’t owe a dime. You owe a hell of an ocean size favour to yourself though.

You owe yourself all the compassion that you had so selflessly showered to others, now it’s your turn to have that showered through you, on you, and for you.

I am not asking you to get arrogant or indifferent or unkind to others but I am asking you to be kind to you and with others. Kindness is rare and a superpower. Use this superpower judiciously is what I am asking you to do.

I am not asking you to show anger. You only were responsible hence no anger just graceful acceptance and probably be grateful that you could pull off so many heart who are now ready for you one leadership instruction to throw their heads, hearts and souls to make your new direction come to fruition.

So you got a blessing that no one has. Use it.

Remake your leadership style. Build a massive knowledge and skill you so desperately need to have effective leadership in this modern world to compete and thrive. Focus energies on making business leadership as you laser sharp focus on daily basis. Gather business knowledge from scratch. You have domain knowledge. Blend it with modern leadership knowledge. Invest heavy in your reform. You will be thankful to you alone that you did this favour to show compassion to yourself.

Enjoy every bit of your breaking old self and leading, building, and re-engineering the newer one.

Hire a leadership coach. Don’t worry about money. If you can afford hourly rate of 10,000 dollars then hire the best in world. He will help you move your mountains and clear your thick mental fog in no time or say as much time as you take.

This is not the time to love the chains around your heart that you held so sportingly thus far. Break it. Live free. Get direction. Get ammunition of knowledge, skills, perspectives, expertise, and capabilities to lead another ten years if not twenty.

Do it. Don’t think. Jump. You will come out anew and your future will thank you for you creating it.

Be that. Do that. Beat that grumpiness. Beat it all.

Don’t beat yourself — that quota is done and is enough. Shout upwards. Scream in pillow if you must and feel the ecstasy of meeting you somewhere in that vibrations you feel.

Go on. Love more yourself. You will be just fine.

Life is a miracle and high order leadership skills brings this miracle to life.

Decision is yours.