By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted May 16, 2023 in Leadership


Leadership is considered the most understood, yet a hard skill to find. Mainly, the leadership must be capable of delivering results consciously and repeatedly. 

Leadership results cannot be anything else but to create a newer reality.  

Delivering this new reality amidst constantly changing external & internal forces that are completely out of control yet managing uncertainties and unknown risks, is the key skill. 

Hence, if the leader’s job is to create a new reality in the future such that it matters.  

Everything rests upon a simple truth:  

‘The newer reality is an outcome of the compounding of daily decisions over the period.’  

Meaning there is a mathematics that works underneath all emotions and values and management-science applied in pursuit for results. 

This mathematics is the maths of compounding decisions—meaning, the daily decisions get compounded over a period leading to your chosen destiny, or it simply doesn’t. 

These daily decisions are not of the leader alone but also the teams that he leads and their respective teams below until the bottom of the organisation pyramid. 

To ensure that right through the leader’s decisions and the entire organisation’s decisions get compounded towards a desired destiny, a system of leadership called a leadership system, is a must. 

This system of leadership architects an environment for all individuals who are going to make decisions which will add or subtract the net compounding of decisions, ultimately affecting desired outcomes. 

When the leadership system is well architected, and its processes are equally well designed, it aids people in exhibiting consistent behavioural platform which guides their daily decisions and actions. This system helps every individual guide their decisions to align with the end goal which is to deliver—a newer reality. 

Thus, it is fundamental for the success of reaching the desired destiny that all decisions from people comes from the same place in the future—that is, having two different places in people’s minds and hearts will never create compounding decisions that leads to a common destiny. 

Hence, it is futile if people don’t have the same place of future to which they want to belong and cherish the outcome of that place. Once it is wielded in their heads and hearts this common place in future, they will achieve that reality undoubtedly, with the help of a system. 

So be very clear about what you hold as your true desire because you aren’t going to achieve what you aren’t expecting to achieve ever.

A team working together will create the desired reality. This will only happen if their daily behaviours and actions come from the same place they want in the future. 

Everything else about leadership success rolls down from this establishment. The next write-up will be on the psychology of change. This is a major showstopper for leaders who are individually great humans but struggle to create reality as they wish recurringly.