A family constitution on paper is less important than the process of making it. Why? 

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted May 23, 2023 in Family business

A family constitution on paper is less important than the process of making it. Why? 

Multigenerational Indian family businesses are uniquely placed. They are different. 

They have enjoyed great success in their first two generations. This gives many of them a feeling that ‘what has worked thus far in managing family and business will work in the future as well, giving the same strength-to-strength in future’. 

They can’t be blamed. 

However, few of the many have begun their quest reflecting – What if we are wrong in stretching this past to assume a greater future? What if we are missing something we must not? And similar. 

With this, when they come to us and begin their exploration, most of the time, they have a hard time considering the investment of the time and money that it may take they had imagined. 

The reason for them, we learned, was simple: “They assume that having a family constitution for their family is simply about writing all their existing rules, guidance, values, and similar on the paper that will help family refer a written book and that will keep the family together for generations to come.” 

Nothing can be farther from the truth when they realise that having it all written will not have every member of all generations accept it, believe it, and hence live it in their decisions. They realise this with hard lessons learned. 

Thus, when the question changes from making a constitution book or written constitution to help every member live the constitution in their daily decision, the importance of the process comes to the main stage. 

What is this process, and what it entails? 

By its simple definition, in general, a process is – a step-by-step execution approach for accomplishing desired end outcome. 

Reason – A standardised process could produce predictable results every time. It is essentially repeatable. The only difference with processes in manufacturing or similar technical industries is meant to create a standardised way. 

However, with any deep core consulting, such as families drafting their constitution – A process isn’t meant to be standardised. It is critical to creating a process specifically tuned to the family’s mental model, thinking, maturity, ambition, who they are, and many varying variables. It is crucial to realise that every family will have their unique set of relationship dynamics and beliefs. 

Hence, it is crucial to create a uniquely customised process taking in all existing factors and deeper psychology of the family members as much as possible and the family at large.

Sure, there is a meta-process and models that are abstract enough to get customised as per the family in context. 

The sole objective of the process is to help each family member involved in soulfully own the constitution by choice. This is significantly important compared to when they are given a book of constitution and are asked to follow it.

I hope this clarifies. 

More details will be as per the questions and comments we receive to give more substance that counts.