Why Family Business Become Victim of the Power Struggle in Family?

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted May 30, 2023 in Family business

Why Family Business Become Victim of the Power Struggle in Family?

Have you seen family businesses with power imbalance? 

Have you come across how it is to live and feel in one of such family business?

Do you believe your family business is not facing any power imbalance?

If it is having the power imbalance, then what kind of suppressed feelings and forces in individuals do you see? Are there any active emotional outbursts? Do you worry that they can bring major internal and external disruptions eventually?

What is your definition of power imbalance? What is your definition of power in the first place?

How could family businesses give up power struggle and embrace profound growth and harmony led approach for success?

I encourage you to reflect on these questions and allow yourself to go below the surface and think. 

Most of the clients in Indian region are facing unique challenge of unprecedented kind. It is the challenge of power.

Post 75 years of Indian independence, and mainly family businesses running in third or second generations are stifled with power struggle within their family itself.

In the patriarchal set-up, the family businesses are yet to find honourable freedom. We observe for some valid reasons but also soon those reasons don’t matter due to sheer volume and speed of change every business and family members are facing.

The power struggle is something which drains one chief resource of any successful family business – belongingness. The want for this belongingness is shifting in many families to safety that wealth brings and not true meaning of harmony.

This deprivation of belongingness felt by members bring less commitment, more doubt, fear and eventually a sad feeling of being associated.

On the contrary the feeling of pride which comes when everyone picks their game up and get busy with developing abilities needed for the family as a whole to win – you can call this a positive ability struggle.

Having an ability struggle takes away negative power struggle and puts everyone in healthy responsibility to win for bigger reason (that family) in every deed and trials.

Having this ability struggle, each member finds himself in his own epic journey of building a superior ability all in conjunction with larger goals of family. This larger goal is not set by elders or them but by all collectively through a process they all equally find respectful, absolutely fair and must.

Such families who awaken from the dark feelings of being caught up in the power struggle find themselves saved and blessed. The first thing they do is to establish a system that would never create a scenario for family to get caught in such a struggle ever again. There lessons are incredibly valuable to learn and feel.

This system is called family constitution. The honourable, timeless, and uniting force for generations to prosper continuously, ever keep harmony and be at the forefront of building their newer reality with for generations ahead.

The question is – Why would several family businesses who understand that power struggle can only yield to bad results and can get family into irreversible loss, still continue to live with the same struggles, and not make a choice to have a system in place?

Why would they remain stuck and how could you help yours to get unstuck if at all?

I would encourage you to hold a conversation with those like-minded in family to begin exploring these questions. Once you figure some clarity then see if you could bring it to the table of family meetings with deeper clarity and objective views that makes family to consider exploring the quest. Don’t jump on conclusion that you need family constitution. 

You may need to admire and fully respect sentiments of those who aren’t there in support of the constitution systems. Learn. Explore and understand their real reasons. You could be surprised more often than not that they are the ones who would be biggest promotor once they understand in non-challenged and unthreatened way.

I hope this helps.
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