By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted June 6, 2023 in Business & Organisation


How to see sales, and how not? What gives it strength? How can effective selling save irrecoverable time, money and resources?

What definition do you have for sales that defines everything from your capital investment decisions and planning decisions to major operational & change decisions?

Think and tell yourself, or better write on a piece of paper you have around what the definition is for sales that you run an organisation with.

Remember, your definition does not only impact your earnings and their stability and rate of growth but also on how you see competition. 

How do you see market forces? 

How do you interpret larger unconnected forces? 

How do these forces appear insignificant at first, but if your definition is tuned, then you will leverage advantage at an unprecedented level?

How does your long-term success depend on this definition and everything? Then do you do the required action to live that definition? 

How can your customers not help but be willing to fall in love with whatever you produce, serve or simply evangelise the future? 

How does your upstream value chain and downstream value chain auto-correct their behaviours of interaction among, between and with you such that you get an unparallel advantage?

Out of many ways to see what sales is, one way is that it is the means through which a business lives its purpose of making a difference in the lives of its customers. 

Thus, sales is about helping your customers buy.

Making sales so powerful that customers find their identity and belonging connected to your product and service offerings is NOT the job of sales but sales occur through it. This does not mean that sales don’t have powerful engineering to be done to keep you growing.

This we cover in a while, but first, the former part that makes everything in sales result driven is brand. 

It is not what you send signals creating perceptions, but what you are as a company.

The brand is not about boasting or saying untrue things only to not meet the sayings finally when you deliver your goods and services. 

We should always remember that humans don’t go on what they hear nor see many times but what they feel, not emotions but vibrations. 

The brand is the ultimate sign of how commitment works. The brand is the source of the necessary vibrations your customers are looking for but not knowing what they are looking for!

However, how does the brand reach the senses of people who can’t help themselves but keep the brand in their attention zone? 

Nothing grows without attention.

Attention makes anything grow.

The choice of what to give attention to and what not is established at two levels in humans.

First – visceral attention 

Second, conscious attention

Visceral meaning is right in the subconscious, and the attention is not sleeping. This is like how mothers can keep their attention on their child in another room or country even! This kind of attention is the strong effect of love. Are there brands you love? Are their brands constantly keep an eye on their new offerings? Or do you wish to learn them constantly? 

This is one kind that takes deep emotional bonding, and more than that, it is something which connects with your identity. It defines and reveals who you are. You love it!

Conscious attention is the one you keep being informed about. You are in a mode of absorption because the information is repeatedly penetrating your mind trying to make space in your heart. If the vibrations are what you want to receive and allow them, then soon, with you’re actions of submitting to the messages that are choosing to buy the product or service – you would be absorbing the vibrations deeper, making it possible for visceral attention eventually over years of your actions or depth of your commitment to the product.

This seems complex – yes, but this is the reason behind crazy growth and sustainable longer periods of super success by those companies who understand and master the art and engineering of branding, marketing (for conscious and visceral processes) and sales.

All three individually are ocean big, but the key to understanding is how they together make cash flows give joy!

I hope this helped.