By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted November 6, 2023 in Leadership


What do you do when you are having severe tooth pain? Most individuals would seek medical assistance by going to a dentist.

Now I ask a question for you to answer: 
Have you gone to the dentist thinking: “I am going to spend on the dentist today? “ Or you think: “I am going to get my problem solved”? 

What would you think? 

If you are most likely the latter one thinking that I will solve my problem or get rid of the pain, then you have a question to ask yourself. 

The question is: What stops you from getting help for problems such as: 

The problems that do not have its effect today, but it is sure to come by in time. I call these important problems. Not urgent problems like the dental pain. 

So, what stops you from getting help for important problems? 

How do you recognize your important problems that define your future quality of life?  
We are not here for life but for living.  

We simply don’t want to live but also live on by passing our legacy, and then recognising the problem is critical. 

For those who are more evolved and want to challenge themselves further, I suggest you consider the problem of experiencing. 

This means there is no problem today, not a problem tomorrow, but I am consciously choosing to experience a life that’s worthy.

Not having that experience is a huge problem—a bigger problem than important problems and a far incomparable one from the urgent problems.

So, imagine you walk into the Ritz Carlton during a Christmas peak at Green Park London or Pl. Vendome Ritz Paris with your loved one. You enter the suite for five days of nearly Euro 300 Grand.

Now, suddenly, if someone asks you: Why do you spend so much? What would you say?

I am not spending on the hotel, but I am buying an experience of my lifetime with my loved one on this Christmas spirit of family at best in the world. I am also experiencing taking a dip in the luxury of grace, elegance and people with eclectic tastes and admiration of life.  

I am here in celebration of not Christmas, but I am celebrating living.  Heck, the spending is unimportant. 

Let us pause here.  

Why do you not think of spending when creating a multi-million dollar wedding ceremony? Why do you think of spending when it is about making your next generation and then their next to continue celebrating the bliss of abundance, success, love and togetherness for your entire life…  

Why do you think spending millions on creating a constitutional system and its governance will make my dream of experiencing life and living on all three come true? Isn’t this a deal of the century and beyond? 

Can you allow yourself to recognise the problem of not having this experience created?  

What would it be for you to have taken away the experience of creating a legacy for your family business, that lasts…?