What takes happiness away? 

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted November 21, 2023 in Leadership

What takes happiness away? 

This morning I was with one of a wealthy and accomplished client.

His interests span in everything light-hearted. 

In the call today, he admitted as being unhappy for time forgotten. 

He tried developing interests in things like pet, renovations of home, buying art from all corners of the world and travel. He sought what wealth can at best give, food, places and pleasurable companies.  

The more he did this, the more he realised that Nothing could satisfy him. Nothing.  

He feels no taste in food as once he did. He feels no wind on his face the way once it did. He feels no spray of the sea on his face. He feels empty.  

I asked, when was this ‘once’ he is referring to.  

He said when he was in love. Or that something he if calls it love as he doesn’t know ever since last fifteen years.  

He was married to another women and is living out of wedlock for over 15 years. 

I said to him what he believes has taken away his happiness? 

He has no answer. 

I asked him do you want to continue living this way – having all yet having nothing at all. He had tears rolling down his face and stuttered that no! 

I asked would he do as if I am listening to his mom and I am only passing the message his mom wants me to pass on to him. 

He looked at me starring in silence.  

I said, lets put an end to the recipe of unhappiness.   

Living between the decision is your recipe to stay unhappy.

Choose love. 

Make that choice and get away from between the choices. No man can ever find happiness if he remains between the choices. You must decide.  

I told him given the society and bullshit it wants you to believe and remain a so-called nice man – you must decide.

I have seen many walk paths of their life in some kind of magical thinking. A thinking that is to remain in between decision and leave on almighty to figure it out.  

They fail to realise that the almighty is in you and all it needs is your clear decision. Your decision once almighty get as a stated choice it will work in the direction of fulfilling as long as you have made the choice not for comfort but from the place of inner harmony i.e. from the place of your heart in love. 

There is no other purpose of soul but to find love.  

We are not human beings for spiritual experience, but we are the spiritual beings taken human form. And, the only reason we have taken human form is to experience love to its infinity. That’s our soul’s cry. You find that love in your soulmate. You find that in your passion for something.  

Remember: The only address where happiness stays is the end of the lane that you walk called love. You walk any other lane for any other reason, and you shall continue to wander in the doldrums of what one would call fate – this is none sense. This is the gift of victims and not people who knows the meaning of being alive. 

Only when you would make that decision following your heart you would find the happiness or else you will forever live the meaning of nothing.