December 2023 | Volume 08 (English Version)

December 2023 | Volume 08 (English Version)


Goals are for people who care about winning once.
Systems are for people who care about winning repeatedly.

This edition of the magazine aims at just the above i.e. To help leaders build a system to win repeatedly without compromising ethics, markets, ambitions, spirituality and health of the planet.

We present through this magazine the idea of building a 100% employee-run organisation (a.k.a. as democratic organisation) which we call as the ‘Winning model of the future’ – one which requires no force, but reckons a force of its own to win at all times.

At the heart of a democratic organisation is the belief that: ‘Employees are like owners of the company, who get paid for their behaviours, actions and decisions that bring growth for the company. Together, all employees are equally responsible for delivering profits and purpose of the company.’

We believe, this magazine will make you re-visit how your organisation must be shaped to deal with the future which is full of uncertainties due to radical and rapid changes in the geo-political environment, technological advancements, consumer behaviours and dearth of talent.