By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted October 31, 2023 in Leadership


One of the family business giant’s owner asked us – Why he could not consciously create growth? Why is their growth pre-set by the older relationships that their previous generation had established, and all they do is fulfil orders? 

After admiring his honest admission and transparency – I asked him his definition of value creation.

He went on to state all that he could recollect from his memory. He also added to the definition of value creation some on-the-spot intellectual additions which he read, heard, and felt right.  

I said you are not honest. I will ask you again: What do you believe value creation is? 

He went dumbfounded and naturally frustrated.  

He gave it another try: This time, he stated some fascinating examples of value creation from his knowledge of US-based global companies. He was excitedly telling me all and making a point.  

I again said the same thing – You are being dishonest. He got &*^%.  

I said that you are trying to prove that you know. You are trying to make a point. But you don’t have a point. He took a sigh and exclaimed, how can you tell.  

I said I can say because you are overly happy and stating things, stressing your points and attempting to make the point come through. Besides, I could tell from your eyes that you know technically what it is, but you have said nothing that your heart owns. 

Knowing and owning are significantly apparent to me. Infact, you know this difference well too.  

He got curious… and angry, but he anticipated fun ahead, so I continued… Not that I needed his permission, but I knew that until he permitted, he would remain stuck in his own well-protected identity. So, why waste an idea & with it, valuable energy for him. Instead, save it for the sake of goodness!  

Fortunately, his eyes were not reflecting pride of ignorance. 

Thus, I began taking that as a cue to make the learning continued for him. 

I said that all global companies you name for describing how they create value have their origin and commonness to one and only one idea. 

The idea is: Until you value yourself, you will not value your time, and until you don’t value your time, you will not do anything of value with it.

He asked me to repeat, and I did. 

He went silent for a while, looking outside the glass window and uttered nothing for the longest of 5 minutes. I am used to such pauses where the needle in the heart and mind moves. So I remain observant of love, serve, and lead the mantra
I act for my clients. 
He turned back and said this is huge.  

I asked curiously, what part? 

He said, this is why businesses thrive, as you always mentioned, earning 12-13 figures quarterly revenues?! 

That’s double-digit thousands of crores to one or above lacs of crore in a quarter. 

I said that’s it.  

He said this is why you mention that consulting budgets of the typical company in the West cross a staggering 27-40% yearly of their revenue.  
I said yes, you got it.  

You see, the leaders of those companies above value their existence in the true sense. 

Their truth is lived by them with no duality or conditions or vagueness. They significantly value their aspiration and don’t lie to themselves if they are doing it for prosperity and abundance.  

They claim their truth in total nakedness. They don’t do this because they are rash but instead, they are wise, intelligent, and dipped in humility. They know that claiming their truest motives and desires will only bring results. They know that any ounce of twisted version if they hold in their heart then they would not get where they want to. 

Coming full face with their truths, they race for the completion of their dreams because they know that they need to be eight times ahead in speed if they don’t want gravity to pull down their dream if time is lost in the name of experimentation or correction or perfection or any other feel-justified-feel-good story. 

You see when you value yourself, you will not dilly-dally experimenting and wasting time but make every rush to reach one giant goal after another and so on. 

My client went deep in silence and smiled.  

He said thank you for saving precious decades of detours or worst losing his dreams altogether.

He asked though one question being too intrigued: “Chetanbhai, how come such a simple thing is ignored? Where are the places or symptoms to find if you are messing with your life in name of submission to purpose, vision, impact, and all other big words to woo your audience and your heart only to avoid the real work?” 

I said to him, we can find one such place right away. He leaned forward. I asked him, where is your plan for accomplishing next one week, one month, one quarter, and a year?  

He said, we have planned all. I said great, where is it? Show me.  
He pulled from his phone a document and shared. I opened the document, and it was a list of activities and actions and suggestions. I said, this is your plan. He said, well this what we all discussed, and it is very much what everyone is following. 

I said this is recipe of covering your failure before even you would actually meet failure. He got stumbled and I explained, “Everything goes as per plan when you have no plan.” 

Meaning, when you don’t have execution plans clarifying weekly, monthly so forth actions by every individual in your pyramid – you can call it human endeavors and not business plan for successful execution.  

At SOCH, multiple projects from ultra-high value clients goes on with complete silence and results are usually met beyond expectations. We commit to the practice of planning religiously such that every alive pulse needed to deliver the value is spot on ready with ease.

Those clients who asked us to establish practices in their business on planning after they realized that if they really are serious about their dreams and purpose, they got to show up with skills in many areas especially planning. 

Remember: Leaders who truly get honest, step in their truths and connect with the origin of value creation by asking a central question to themselves: “How much do I value myself?” They know that the more at heart I value myself, the more I will be open to leaving behind the nonsense, my lies, and my ignorance. 

I will be more capable of adopting speed with the constancy of ever-increasing progress in a singular direction. They know that progress speed will be proportionate to how much I value myself, and progress quality will be how open I am to take help maintaining the speed of progress and its much necessary momentum.