Your Path To Your Success.

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted October 31, 2023 in Insights on Leadership

Your Path To Your Success.

Claim who you are, to become what you want to be. 

We can only harness the courage to become what we want by accepting our truth today. 

Our truth – how full of shit are we today? What do we diligently lie to ourselves about (thinking we don’t lie)? 

We inquire with the kindest attitude to ourselves but with a commitment that we acknowledge truths—pure acknowledgement, without getting self-judgmental or self-critical or, worst, in defense mode. 

Can you do this?

If you truly want spiritual abundance, prosperity, success and want to experience love in your life – you need to think about the above twice before letting your negative ego reject it. 

The path to success is through change. Period. 

Not change of feelings. 

Not change of attitudes.  

Not change of behaviours.

Not change of habits.  

Not a change of skills.

But the change of speaking truth to yourself first. The decision to not lie, for the change to begin.  

A decision to ‘stand’ in your truth. To speak your truth.  

To allow yourself to be accepted by you in whole and not in parts—with no if or but or this is why or any kind of defense or blame – this is when you will find the power to stand courageously vulnerable.  

This will change your life forever.  

Our lies eat our life alive – one bit at a time. It will eat dreams, too. 

Have no shame, guilt, or fear in claiming what your heart truly wants.  

Even if it is to have an outrageously beautiful & sumptuously rich love life – claim it, don’t run away from it, hide from it, shame from it, but instead, say it. And love it.  

Even if you want disproportionate prosperity like you want your business to make 12 figures in 5 years and more and more – claim it, don’t run away, don’t hide, don’t doubt, don’t feel ashamed, but say it. Love it. 

Say it to yourself: No lies. 

When you don’t claim what your heart truly wants, you create in you an effect of psychological orphan. You must own what you really want.  

The reason you create versions of what you truly want is you shy being nakedly truthful of your desires and wants and expressions of who you are.  

Imagine if you do this for longer period, the effect of psychological orphaning in you for your own true self creates tons of deep crisis.  

People know this. They intuitively think that if they have huge piles of money or reputation or anything but owning who they really are nobody bothers especially they themselves don’t bother. This is a lie. 

Psychological orphan inside 

When you don’t claim & own who you are, your truths, and your pure desires of becoming who you want to be: 

Your brain listens to every voice you say to yourself and compares it against the truth you live in. 

It notices how hard you try to cover the gap with your lies.  

Your brain starts to realise that you don’t believe in yourself. 

And you do this because you don’t think you are worth it or worse, you do this because you want to protect your twisted and fake identity.  

This creates a gap between what you secretly want but are afraid to claim.

Because if you claim and declare what you truly desire and truly want – the relationships and everything else associated with your identity comes to grave risk.  

You choose to find a way to your success – by saying one more time – let me push harder, work harder, do better and all the BS.  

Sadly, you would fear success unless you step in your truth and accept the unacceptable with grace, compassion and understanding.  

If this continues, your brain will learn that you have no strength to make that happen, and it will accept you as not brave enough to protect and fulfil your true desire. This is when you will starve for love.

Very soon, your brain will learn that you are doing all this because you don’t trust yourself.  

This signals anything you want, but don’t claim it as folly and unworthy and cannot be done. Hence, you grow weaker in your conscious ability to bring results.  

The more this happens, the more you begin covering your lies with powerful arguments with yourself and the people around you. You get busy finding answers at higher places of philosophy, someone else’s stories of failure and successes or in theology to hide your weakness in unchallengeable majestic ways to protect your false self. 

This will make you weaker & fragile inside, but your ego will not make you feel this fragility because it thrives on your weaker and fragile inside.  

When you continue over a longer period to not claim or own who you are, your truths, and your pure desires you will begin a process of getting spiritually divorced inside.  

Why spiritually divorced? 

Acceptance is the first door to open for making change happen and to make it last. Remember, this acceptance is not some intellectualized version; rather, it is emotional with deep meaning and feeling associated with it. This is powerful.  

When you accept your true naked self—you accept God.  

You accept yourself with no story or why or how or it is so because of explanations.  

This is the divine moment as a starting point of all that God will now work with you. You accept your flaws and geniuses with equal respect and no less, no more.  

You are in harmony now.  

In this harmony, you have a pure chance to connect with higher intelligence and its harmony. 

If your acceptance of yourself isn’t 100% authentic and with grace, you are pushing God away from helping you. Without God, your fruits will take forever. You don’t have forever, though.  

So, remember, to be successful, start with first claiming your truths and own your desires.

Life is too short and precious to play games with yourself.  

The reason formidable leaders in the world who are greatly elevated psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually choose to be naked in their truths.  

They choose then speed of execution for their calling and dreams.  

They pour all in at fastest speed. World thinks they do this because they want to get rich faster but in truth, they know that for 1 negative to be removed in their life it takes 8 times of the positive.  

Meaning, if they don’t take speed in reaching out to their dreams in fastest possible way then the demon of negative will create gravity way faster than they could then eradicate.  

They speed up investing in creating systems which have no psychological, emotional, or spiritual bearings but can be designed from those principles and ideas for people.  

They don’t wait for building a fast 93:7 in organisations they own and accomplish far greater scale of business growth which usual leaders don’t imagine. This is what leaders at Barclays, Apple, Starbucks, Best buys, Blackstone, Edward Jones, and Tata accomplished.  

A quarterly income of more than INR 12 & 13 figures. And, growing ∞