11 Success factors to consider while choosing the process and expertise to make your family constitution

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted October 27, 2023 in Family business

11 Success factors to consider while choosing the process and expertise to make your family constitution

A successful family constitution is much more than a piece of paper. It is, instead, “paper in action.” 

If you want the ‘paper in action’, then you must know and assess the two critical enablers: 

  • The Family Institutionalisation Experts/Practitioners/Consultants and,
  • And their institutionalisation and/or constitutional systems design process

Evaluating the above two is simple if you know what you want i.e. your dream for a family’s perpetual abundance, prosperity, success, and harmony.  

You must look for how your envisioned future or dream will come alive through the daily living of your constitution. 

Before you read further, let’s understand some obvious things, but it is critical to spell out to raise awareness, without which you can most certainly fall into the trap of your ignorance at the sublime. 

Imagine you have a constitution in your family: 

  1. How many members do you believe know the Constitution?
  2. How many of the above understand the Constitution? 
  3. How many of those who understand, follow the Constitution? 
  4. How many of those who follow it – follow ‘daily’ – every day?
  5. How many of above lead by example, inspiring others to align their thoughts, feelings, and actions with the Constitution?

You get the idea! 

Thus, first and foremost, it is vital to make a conscious choice that you aren’t after the piece of paper but a paper-in-action such that the coherent actions of all adhering to constitutional living deliver your specific & dearest expectations along with a promised abundance, prosperity, success, and love. 

To have paper in action, lived daily, the two critical enablers I mentioned at the top of the article must hold rare depth, expertise, and character.  

As you read in the previous article (click on the button below to refer), which highlights the fact stating – What level of depth & expertise is critical for designing, developing, and deploying a constitutional system is an extremely specialized role needed. 

Below are certain factors you must observe while evaluating the enablers that would help you develop your constitution for perennial prosperity and love. 

The experts and their process that would help you design, develop, and deploy your constitutional system must have the following core characteristics: 

(Zoom in for better read) 

…and many more highly skilled facilitation, logistics, facility, reprographics, media, drafting, mediator and so forth be key  

There are two most important things to remember: 

When you are looking for help to get your constitution done – you must observe the below listed 11 success factors: 

  1. The process must equip and enable each member’s ability & willingness to live the constitution with their head, heart, and soul. Without this—it is an expensive paper exercise. It is expensive in ways far beyond and incomparable to money. Family heads are strongly advised to understand the constitutional systems development & engagement process. Mainly, understand how the process guarantees each member will live constitutionally with their heads, hearts, and souls daily. 
  2. The process must capture the essence of family first or business first. The resulting constitution can be poles apart with the same process elements aiming at two different intentions – family first or business first.
  3. Ground rules before even the engagement begins are critical. 
  4. Setting up communication protocols for:
    • Happy and normal times during the engagement process
    • Decision processes to deal with deadlock situations.  
    • Suppressed or active anger or frustration or all negative emotion handling during engagements. The belief must be there is no such thing as crucial as negative emotion during the process. Respecting and encouraging with kindness and maturity is key to progress. Establish a communication protocol. 
    • Cross generation communication protocol 
    • Decision board communication protocol
    • Program administrative communication 
    • ..other preset, agreed and appreciated protocols before the process begins.
  5.  Implementing a constitution requires extraordinary emotional efforts and energy. If the environment is neutral, beautiful, and relaxed, it will add significantly to the honest, authentic and hesitation-free involvement of members. 
  6. The reinforcements through deep, immersive, real-life experiences about post-constitutional living are crucial transforming designs – rare experts know and create almost magical shifts of members involved, helping them ready from soul, heart, and head.
  7. Knowledge of several technical concepts is crucial for informing your judgments. The rare experts deliver from a carefully deduced collective point-of-view that the members share. They then create the highest impact of the same knowledge, which would otherwise be only technical but not useful for generational expectations from the constitution.
  8. Process execution for the Constitution is an art – it is not about making people write their Constitution. It is about helping members evolve manifolds to become completely outclassed assets and symbols of excellence when they are out of the constitutional development process. 
  9. Process administration is the bedrock to fulfil a majestically powerful process and its equally art-led execution. Without the submarine class silent and below the surface hidden powerful administration, chaos is guaranteed, taking away the hearts and minds of members from doing the needful.
  10. Process management – Managing the momentum of constitutional development can be extremely rare. Experts know this, and they have specialized approaches and methodologies to support the momentum of progress growing with no hiccups.
  11. Risk management – the effectiveness of risk management comes from intelligent incident management. Experts have created mechanisms and processes to anticipate and deal with conflicts, emotional upheavals, discomforts, heuristics, anomalies, biases, and traps. They know and keep an eye on any of it happening at such an early stage (incident) so that they don’t let it grow to the level of risk, and that is the combination of the art and science of psychology and management.

…and half a dozen more characteristics define the difference between a paper exercise and paper-in-action. 

I trust the above helped you in your worthy journey, in which you intend to gain everlasting benefits and avoid the consequences that can create irreversible and beyond-repair effects at all costs.