By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted October 27, 2023 in Leadership


In the name of learning, leaders secure knowledge and aim to do as per the knowledge – yet if you ask them, have they reached their dreams?  

Reached not in parts. But, fully as they saw once with their complete smile and melted hearts.  

Their usual answer is either a story for why they haven’t reached or similar.  

Hardly have we met leaders who say with the same melted heart and a smile that yes, they have reached without an atom of cut-down version in size, shape, scale, or speed. 

Why do many leaders struggle, and where do they get caught up until their old age or valour has left them consumed by stories of assumed pride that they tried? 

Let’s pay attention to something.  

We all must come to terms with this sometimes while running as a leader in our organisation.

There is a great deal of difference between leaders having knowledge and having a result through it.

Results do not come with having and learning more knowledge. 

The result does not come even by doing or applying that knowledge!!!! 

The result comes by practising the knowledge like a true disciple with consistency every single day.  

Results don’t show up working on the knowledge alone.  

It shows up when the following are created for practicing: 


  1. Practising environment:
    • The physical and mental atmosphere created and maintained by leadership and organisational systems enables daily practice for pursuing the vision.   
    • The environment consists of structure, bodies of excellence and execution, and continuous communication.  
  2. Practising systems: 
    • It is a set of systems that govern & inspire daily the choices that people make. The set of systems and microsystems that together produce a regime where consistent behaviours, outcomes, and results are produced.  
    • These systems interact within and among each other via processes and mechanism that needs be practiced as well or else there are no sustainable results and not the sustainably growing results that are must to reach the dream state of business and its impact. 
  3. Practising processes: 
    • When mass of the organisation needs to adopt to a style of working for creating their new reality of manifested dream then there is only one effective way. They practice together, every single day, same thing, over and over under observation and guidance both via systems and mentors. This way processes (which can be tens of them or even around hundreds) need major practice framework and distribution model among people to practice daily.  
  4. Practicing mechanism: 
    • Mechanisms are best learned by mass of the organisation in smaller groups and then exchange group learnings in systematic and accelerated way. This makes people champion habits necessary to master mechanisms by adopting protocols of teaching to peers under consistent guidance of systems and mentors again.  
  5. Practising code: 
    • The set of guidebook instills a reference to work. Thus practising infrastructure in an organisation supports several hundreds and thousands of people to get their best version every single day. 
    • Since, they all change in their version of improvements almost parallel to each other the confidence and belongingness both grows and delivers steps changes necessary for the overhaul of transformation.

The accountability and collective practicing works wonder in making each employee in organisation strive to thrive together. 

You don’t need to pause and reflect to note the fact that you as a leader with understanding and knowledge is not sufficient at all to bring the change. Remember, it’s the being and the state of being both need to be changed to enjoy transformation of mass and leader himself. 

This is an expert approach for change, and it is not only advisable but vital if you wish to reach your goals. Not because it costs your investment that’s not key but time of life and hopes that are hinged for generations to come.