The Shift – Sooner than we imagine

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted June 24, 2017 in Business & Organisation

The Shift – Sooner than we imagine

In 2015, we had been asked – Where does ‘leadership’ truly come from?

An impromptu response from SOCH was –

“All that our mother told us repeatedly and we chose to ignore during our childhood, had precious seeds of leadership”

Businesses wanting to survive the impact of 21st century, whether they believe it or not, have to start taking every strategic decision from a fundamental base of being human, having humanity and protecting dignity of all stakeholders.

The businesses have to honour even the last man in the organisation, not by giving encouraging words and incentives alone, but by putting his and every stakeholder’s best possible future at the core of formulating a business vision & strategy.

Such actions dramatically improve fortune – resulting in winning customers for generations, sustaining market dominance & gaining unparalleled prosperity.

This is not possible with ownership mindset.

Leadership mindset delivers dramatic results, when an unbending courage is applied in designing & implementing every business practice.