Time for Spiritual Commerce has come.

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted November 26, 2021 in Business & Organisation

Time for Spiritual Commerce has come.

A decade ago, while dealing with some of the toughest business paradoxes and dilemmas, I observed an incredible reality, i.e. Cognitive Intelligence comes to a limit. Beyond a limit, even the Creative Intelligence seeks direction, and they both only renew and re-invent in the realm of Spiritual Intelligence. 

A business has problems that are bigger than the boundary of the business itself. These problems are related to not only the usual business influencing PESTLE* but the deep root of human decision-making in the role of consumers, customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders, along with other stakeholders. 

*PESTLE – Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental)Modern business has given consumers an ocean of choices that has created endless options and opportunities for all stakeholders. Yet, it’s quite fluid on the surface and even unpredictable at best. 

What kind of business problems we used to solve back in 19th century and what kind of problems are we solving in the 21st century is significantly reinforcing us to draw our awareness beyond the ordinary or usual knowledge-based Intelligence? 

People are constantly at some kind of war in themselves. In whatever role a stakeholder plays, they are finding it harder to make choices. The irony is that with technological advancements and scientific progress, the solutions are readily and easily available yet, we are in a constant hunt to find solutions. 


It seems that businesses are not in short supply of solutions, but the very depth it takes to understand the problem itself. Businesses rely on data, reports and well-done research to identify problems. However, the understanding of the problem to the full goes way beyond the management discipline or the laws of business anymore. As we progress in the 21st century, it is increasingly evident that the real understanding of the problem is in the realms of love, commitment, decision propensity, and capabilities. This is because buying choices are always made by humans, who are constantly getting out of touch with their inner self and hence do not have enough confidence many a time in their own decisions. 

This state of affairs within each individual has created challenges for businesses. Hence, finding a solution isn’t a matter of Cognitive Intelligence alone or Creative Intelligence alone, but both with the Spiritual Dimension. The Spiritual Dimension is the awareness of one’s being, who we are truly as individuals, and what we value to the soul. Tapping in this dimension opens up an infinite new way and provides new information that allows our logical (cognitive) mind to process things differently and allows our creative mind to direct the imagination to a far deeper level of human connection within and with others. 

It is time to awaken and unleash the superpower within, only to create a more meaningful, powerful, and fulfilling world with peace, love, and opulence. 

When we do this in our work, we are told by our clients that we do something amazing because it is helping them develop a far superior way of living their lives and enriching every human coming in connection with their business. 

 We call this  Spiritual Commerce. 

A way of doing business powered by the fusion of Cognitive Intelligence, Creative Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence.   

We had made a choice years ago to focus on producing more of such results for our clients who care for abundance, love, harmony, peace, well-being and prosperity of all and their future generations.