6 counter-intuitive truths of sales if you want to grow consistently

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted September 12, 2023 in Insights on Business & Organisation Transformation

6 counter-intuitive truths of sales if you want to grow consistently

Everybody knows and everybody feels that the world is turbulent. If you don’t feel that today, you haven’t been paying enough attention.

You know that today’s environment isn’t what it was 10 years ago or, for that matter, even 5 years ago

The pace of life is accelerating and world has become foggy in addition to the volatility. We are not sure what’s coming next as things are complex and interconnected.

And we are not sure how to read the future as much as 10 or 5 years ago. We need to adapt fundamentally and don’t have much time today to adapt to opportunities.  

Businesses come and go, and there seems to be a shortage of human strength waning away in the perplexing whirlpool of current times. 

You need to be agile and change, adapting fast over time.

Businesses get lost and sometimes vanish when they do not respond in time. If the owner’s head, heart, soul, and spirit of life (the four invisibles) get visibly implemented in his business, then the business can stay around for centuries and enjoy abundance and prosperity.  

These 4 invisibles of any owner behind his business hold an enduring value embedded in the organisation he creates.  

Specifically, these 4 great invisibles must be a central part of his sales organisation.When the sales organisation of these owners truly embrace and embed these 4 invisibles, magic occurs.   

The organisation can last if it’s sales function consistently uses these 4 invisibles.

And to do it right is a challenge for every owner.

Suppose an owner commits to implement all 4 great invisibles in his organisation’s decision structures, model, and systems (aka decision machine or engine). In that case, this decision engine directs, guides, and governs the sales organisation to produce consistent, profitable and impact-rich results for decades after decades. 

This decision engine built on the solid bedrock of all 4 invisibles is responsible for never losing the direction of sales, the impact of sales, and above all – the energy and love for sales. 

Once the organisation decision engine is built and is followed by the design of sales organisation, the sales will become profoundly powerful. 

Why?   Because powerful sales require discipline and consistency of quality decisions. 

The decision engine delivers its decisions that sales can daily carry to make profitable business with no guilt, no shame, and never losing energy. Infact, it helps in believing that sales is the only way to live the purpose forever. This is practical and profound. 

The existence of decision-engine ensures that business remains profitable and creates growth no matter what circumstances force the business.

Having explained the relationship between the organisation decision engine and sales, the permanency of profitability will demand a complete overhaul in the way you see sales and do sales. 

When you have above, you are ready. You are capable to create powerful sales organisation which debunks popular beliefs in the sales world and spin it on its head.

You need to understand and implement the below mentioned six counter-intuitive truths of sales yielding a consistent growth for ages to come. 

The six counter-intuitive truths are listed below:  

(1) Sales must not be seen as selling for revenue or selling altogether! 

Sales must be seen as a way to give your purpose its living chance.

Sales is living the nobleness in which you believe.  

Sales is the only tangible way you can make a difference in the lives of those who look to fulfil their dream through your service or product. Sales when done to fulfil vision, goals, purpose of your customers – make miracles for you come nearby. 

If there are no sales – all dreams will remain un-manifested.

(2) Your sales is about helping customer grow.  

It must not stop at features or benefits for the customer. It must think and deliver the growth objectives of the customer.  

Benefit and Growth are bipolar far.  

Nothing is wrong with benefits, but focusing on the growth of your customer and committing everything at your disposal to help him achieve what he may believe impossible is power sales.  

There is no bigger humanity than helping someone grow. Think about this! 

(3) Sales don’t need to hold technique as much as the ability to listen to what the customer is not saying yet wanting. 

Sales isn’t about reducing your inventory. It is about understanding what problems, challenges or pains your customer is facing and how your product/service can help him solve them.  

Most companies stop at achieving targets, leaving most of the value untapped on the table. But when you listen to your customer, you may understand what he needs and also what he wants, but isn’t saying.

(4) Sales need to be refreshing & bold, not boring. 

Take a fresh perspective and ask yourself: Why do you sell what you sell? If you do not have an answer beyond money or target, that is perhaps the reason why sales is boring for you.  

Sales must add life to your organisation, your product, your service and your purpose. It is a means to an end – the end of helping your customers grow.  

(5) Sales is about creating value not from your or the customer’s point-of-view but from the customer’s goal point-of-view. 

The customer’s goals are primary.  

If your product or service helps your customer to reach their goal, you must help them gather courage to buy it even is it takes a battle of heated arguments. You must help your customer when he is coming in his own way to achieve his goals. 

We always tell our team: Our allegiance is with the customer’s organisation & goals – not with the customer himself.

(6) Sales is about creating repeated value for customers.  

I am not talking at all about the money value. That’s limited sight for business.

It must create value for customer at his business level, impact level, emotional, functional, and financial levels.

If possible, it should create spiritual value i.e., bringing peace, inspiration, sense of beauty, love, positive emotions and a lot more that helps your customers find deeper meaning. 

When your customer finds out that you are committed to his growth, and you helped him not take a shortcut in the moment – he will thank you for helping him stay onthe  course.

When your sales organisation is able to carry our actions with integrity of your 4 great invisibles and the more your decision engine uses this sales organisation, the better are the chances of improved results every day.