A perspective on: Becoming the de-facto choice of customers for your consistent growth

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted September 5, 2023 in Business & Organisation

A perspective on: Becoming the de-facto choice of customers for your consistent growth

In any business, the growth levers are considered as sales, marketing, and branding. Of course, product manufacturing and service deliveries are all crucial.

But it all matters only when the customers make that buying decision.  

And growth comes when before the customer makes that buying decision to fulfil their goals, they already have your product or service as their default choice.

The bigger this intensity of default choice as you, the better your prospects to generate growth consistently and profitably. 

The question is how you can make your product and services – a de-facto choice to customers for fulfilling their goals, needs, and positive expectation for their future.

I ask you a question: 

  • Is there a product you can imagine for which you don’t think even before ordering?
  • Is the product key to making that default choice, or does the company that makes the product give you the confidence you need to make it default?   

I know this is simple, yet give your thought to this by asking: So, what makes it easier and faster for customers to make that decision before even they are at your storefront? 

Is it your sales?

Is it your marketing? 

Is it your brand?

All of them, yet not any, are one main reason.

The main reason that makes customers your default choice is – what each of these three above communicates to them. 

More precisely: What each of these three, in chorus, communicates about the company?

It is important to understand this subtle below-surface reason which creates your customers’ confidence in your company for fulfilling their goals, needs and holding positive expectations for their future—this is key. 

I am not saying that just communicate powerful, cohesive vibes or messages about your company, and you will get prosperous. That’s a farce.  

Of course, you would require an enduring and resilient architecture of systems to deliver your product and post-sales experience, too; however, the main thing companies fail to spot is for growth consistency, sales, marketing, and branding must communicate cohesively about the company to its customers. 

Once this communication meets buying experience and later with the fulfilment of delivery, it generates an experience the customer feels what he aimed to feel before making that purchase.

This can be in the inner self-talk of the customer with himself, such as – “This company is amazing at the consistency of results”, “I always find myself in safer hands when I buy their product and services”, Or “I feel always moving forward with them close to my goals, and future expectation of better state” Or any such positive trust-reinforcing self-talk.

So, what would help you is if you take a deeper sense and feel of the following: 

  1. What is your sales approach to communicating? 
  2. What is your marketing approach to communicating?
  3. What is your branding communicating?  
  4. Are all three communication in sync with who you are as a company?  
  5. Are all customer touchpoints conveying one single message?

What that message is now the key to discover.  

One hint is – It must be the core character of your company that you believe in. For this, you must understand the noise and the silence of communication. This core character is crucial for the confidence of customers to win their goals, needs, and positive expectations of their future. When in reality, the core character of the company and the confidence of the customer match, consistent growth for you will be default.