A Hope For Humanity – Blockchain & NFTs. Can NFTs & Blockchain Save The Humanity?  

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted April 11, 2023 in Insights on Business & Organisation Transformation

A Hope For Humanity – Blockchain & NFTs. Can NFTs & Blockchain Save The Humanity?  

Can you see the connection of art in the lives of human beings? 

What role has art played in inspiring humans under his unimaginably painful endeavours that history evidence (and yet a large portion remains uncovered and hence not part of historic know-how)? 

What role has art played in significantly shifting civilisations from one stage of human development & advancement?

What role does art play in creating timeless smiles, eternal hopes and even pride and happiness as its true legacy?

Do you believe art gives faith to people for pushing humans forward? It is not always a painting called art but a thought that prevails over time, race, religion, and anything, but humanity is art.

The painting or any of such is a mere form and way of expressing those powerful thoughts that otherwise cannot be expressed to that level of impact and meaning. 

So, what are the odds of making humans live longer than centuries? And, how do we circumvent these odds, enabling the human carrying the torch for humanity to progress and continues beyond all odds, including death? 

Of course, it’s art, but how to keep art permanently safe and secure and never get consumed by time eventually? 

This is the quest which then takes its peek into science. This is where science comes to rescue art. 

Thus, it is like in the last part of the epic movie of all time, ‘Lord of the rings: the return of the King’. This last part was for the final 45 minutes of an approximately 4 hours movie! When Frodo, the ring bearer, gets tired and weary after his heroic journey on foot, mainly. Frodo became overly burdened with the evil effects of the ring he was born only to destroy it in the fires of Mordor. 

He gets sick with how much burden Frodo is taking to save humanity and the human race as a whole. Seeing him so burdened, Sam, who had shown the finest quality of what it means to stick together! He picks Frodo, a fully grown man of his size, in his arms over the shoulder and says, “I may not be able to carry the burden you are carrying, but I can carry you and help you get over this burden once and for all”.

This unique role of Sam is the role of science, saying to Art that I cannot prevail over humanity, but I can carry you forever, and hence I can help you help humanity.

This is precisely the role of blockchain – the science. The art is NFT carrying humanity and the human race to the frontiers of the new world where man never ventured and is a dangerous world as losing humanity can be the risk! 

Prevailing the long-term, almost perpetual promise and inspiration is what blockchain takes pride in, giving supreme human beings the to make their Art preserved, prevail, and prosper. At the same time, it’s alive – which is till perpetuity. 

With this, I welcome family businesses and other evolved forms of businesses to learn the promise of the metaverse. Hold through a perspective to begin as above, or else you will get lost in the lost sea, which doesn’t exist and cannot be seen, heard, tasted, or smelled. 

It’s just, at best, an illusion that needs to be internalised should you wish to survive. 

It is full of wonders, but all you got to care about is it is beneath the surface the real power lies, and you ought to respect the fact that blockchain is fully principle-base to deliver the following: 

  1. Trust 
  2. Ownership
  3. Creator’s advantage for life
  4. Integrity is everything 
  5. The human heart is behind every NFT, even if it appears not 
  6. The promise of freedom like never before – all kinds of freedom unless you choose to lose your mind and soul 
  7. The promise of fairness like never done before 
  8. The promise of value word being revolutionised and re-engineered into the depts of blockchain architecture.. 

Of course, there is a lot, and it is just the beginning. Stay put with your seatbelts on. More to come will drive you insane, only to remind you that sometimes the sanest thing in the world is to become insane by choice. 

I trust this has helped.