Results Matter!

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted April 25, 2023 in Business & Organisation

Results Matter!

The process ensures what matters is accomplished and adds to the desired result

Business leaders constantly look for results and somehow commit to achieving them.

When they mature in achieving results again & again, they realise that what they are enjoying is outcomes attached to results. However, as an individual, they haven’t changed much. The person they are and the results they accomplish have gaps.

This is not sustainable.

Something is missing when the person you become doesn’t embody results. You suppress the pain or avoid accomplishing outcomes, which will result in sabotaging you from being the person you are at the core and can become for producing the results you imagined or people around you had ever expected from you.

Let me ask: As per you, What is a key job of a leader?

Out of many right answers, one key is – Leaders create a new reality.

A reality that they believe in. A reality they connect with who they are. Something that fulfils their deeper cry than meagre money alone but a purpose, a motive far-reaching than self-interest alone; in this, they connect their self-interest of wealth, abundance, and identity.

How do leaders execute their deeper cry is critical for results.

Or, more appropriately, how do leaders create a process to bring repeatable results fulfilling their deeper cry not once but every time?

Or a much more practical guarantee of results comes when a leader acts as an architect for their enterprise environment that has a repeatable process and overarching systems to help their teams, departments, regions, country centres and continent centres all connected with a unified operating model governing every action that executes to bring a new reality.

So, true that results matter. But with a process that embodies your company’s core character and core competence. The possibilities of repeatable results can be amazing for outcomes every day, every time.

Let’s understand something very clearly.

The result is not ROI. The result is not money, and the result is not earnings. The result is not profits. The result is not winning the competition. The result is much broader and deeper than that. You must think and design everything as per this.

The result is the fulfilment of your mission and your core purpose while achieving unparalleled profitability. Along with this, your strategic position must secure the top one of two leadership positions in your industry for the next big win that lives purpose stronger.

Achieving a purpose at the cost of losing profit is silly. It is not an ‘either or equation’ but an equation with an ‘and’. Meaning it is not either purpose or profit but purpose and profit.

Process engineering is a critically weak science in this part of the world. It is not bad or good, just weak. It’s just not repeatable and sustainable, and it is not enough to create a workforce that unleashes its remarkable potential.

Reason – companies announce victory and enjoy when they accomplish high ROI or similar bottom lines. So, I would urge leaders who care for long-term wealth creation beyond their generations, legacy, and treasury but aim for broader prosperity for perpetuity to adopt first the critical mindset of an architect.

An architect who begins with an end in mind – that is a result which is not only a physical reality but functional, environmental, psychological, emotional, spiritual and much more other overall perspectives that build robust long-term structures; hence a business architect could create a robust enterprise that thrives and create a complete victory every time every day every decade and every century even.

I hope this begins some quest. Pursuing it will open the floodgate of abundance and happiness for yours and all who work, serve, and love.