November 2023 | Volume 07 (Gujarati Version)

November 2023 | Volume 07 (Gujarati Version)


The main purpose of leadership is unselfing – To let go of your beliefs, fears, and everything associated with your current identity; in order for a greater purpose of the spirit to be revealed.

Leaders sometime avoid these perplexing truths and paradoxes as they aren’t comfortable handling them. The time that they possess is limited, yet it is bestowed upon them to build what must be built.

The manifestation of their truth is a leader’s sole purpose.

Usually, leaders going unchallenged are worst enemies of creation that the history can observe. The true strength of leadership comes when they allow themselves to be challenged and stretched out of their familiarity zones.

This magazine is a special edition for leaders of the family businesses who get stuck in their pristine explanations of how worthy they are and all they do is conforming to the laws and belief they are comfortable with. It’s time to challenge it, for the future your desire.