Systems for growth, success, and abundance

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted December 5, 2023 in Business & Organisation

Systems for growth, success, and abundance

Systems have existed even before humans came on this planet. Systems are not new. Nature operates out of systems (whether we are aware of them or not) Nature is so perfected in its goal to maintain harmony and balance that humans, till date, are amateurs in understanding this systems’ complexities.  

We all know nothing yet feel awe of nature for recognising its might behind-the-scenes that govern the goal for nature of maintaining balance of all life and supporting non-life elements such as soil, air, water, etc. 

Many of us get to think of tiny ways nature manages its goal. It is hard not to feel awed, humble and inspired.  

Our heart could skip a beat or two when we find ourselves centred on this recognition, and we find God responsible for this or the universe or anything, but not something physical but spiritual.  

Why does nature bank on systems – micro systems, macro systems, systems of systems and the whole interconnected oneness of all? Why?  

Think why.  
If you want to break your adamancy of why you must have systems to deliver your goal, then think!

The singular reason that nature engineered systems is because its goal was not a one-time result or twice. It is the continuous delivery of the goal of harmony and balance to support all life to function as the nature must. 

It is simply a repetition of success that it is responsible for.

Now, why does nature need repetition?  

Because nature understands that keeping the balance is a continuous act, and to keep at it, it must stay humble.  

I believe President Gordon B. Hinckley put it the best way — 

“Being humble means recognizing that we are not on earth to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others.” 

As we all know: 
Nature doesn’t care for importance, yet it is vital for the survival of all life.  You know that nature does it only to make a difference in the lives of all life. Not just daily, but every single nanosecond, it makes the difference. 

So, take a breath and ask yourself: 
What is my goal? My vision? Is it a time result to accomplish, or do you have to put it on repeat?  

Do you want growth on repetition?  
Do you want success with repetition?  

You get the idea! 

Don’t make it more difficult for you than necessary.  

Don’t push happiness for the future. You may not be alive, and with you gone, how do you intend to make that difference in people’s lives?! 

Thus, don’t delay in making systems for your growth.  

Remember, it is not one system or two. It is a whole universe of an interconnected set of well-designed systems that produces the desired goal every time. The fully functioning and unconnectedly appearing systems act in oneness, harmony and, most importantly, like nature in silence to deliver one step of your goal every nano second.  

The urge you must have is to make a difference in people’s lives via business, and it must be pointed to your customers first and foremost. How atomically can you make that difference daily to them, not only when they buy from you? 

How could you create a governing system that operates silently to help your customers win, feel valued, feel cared for, feel their dream they dare to dream because you have a backbone ability to provide them to manifest and so on? 

How could you create a self-check, self-organising and self-healing ability to make your system adapt and get you to your goal no matter what changes are outside or inside people? 

How could you speed up the anomaly identification in your giant complex system behind-the-scenes and make it all run smoothly, delivering your growth expectations year after year? 

The overarching system, to a large extent, causes its behaviour!  An outside event may unleash that behaviour, but the same outside event applied to a different system will likely produce a different result.  

Your business and organisation systems can behave outrageously differently to produce greater results for an external event than others.  

Your ability to thrive depends on the strength of your system.  

Though, even when you have no system, there is a system.  

This no-system could be yielding no results, and that in itself could become a system in your organisation.  

The one symptom you have when you have a poor system is you find in your organisation this attitude (or worse, a belief): We act as if simple cause and effect is at work. We push to find the one simple reason things have gone wrong. We look for the one action or person who created this mess. When we find someone to blame, we act like we’ve solved the problem. 

You must not measure your life in terms of the time you live or have but the potential yet to be unleashed.  

Your potentiality needs to be percolated in empowering and encouraging systems with interconnected systems and microsystems – you want to not grow once, not succeed once, not get abundant once and then lose it all.