Why understanding love is critical for success?

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted December 1, 2023 in Family business

Why understanding love is critical for success?

A few months ago, a third-generation owner starting a new line of business sought our services to help him expand at a better clock speed than his industry average.

He is part of a professionally run 101-year old family enterprise from India with operations in nearly 70 countries.

The mandate given to us was to help him grow at a speed of twenty times in five years.  

He was, as you may imagine, a no-nonsense person with immense maturity and beyond-usual abilities.

We got into a debate whereby he passionately pointed out that he would like his sales as we do sales at SOCH.  

On this, I exclaimed, we never make sales.  We build relationships by listening to clients, and if possible, we listen to their souls.  

He got curious and stated: But I would like to create a product that gets sold like a hot cake item. How can I use this to grow steadily but outgrow the previous one by minimum of 3x?  

And I agreed with humility that he is right.  

Selling a product is an entirely different ball game than helping customers buy expert services such as ours.  

With products, you have features and physical attributes to explain to the buyer.  

However, with our services, the buyer trust us before saying yes. This happens only when he finds that we are telling truths about their problems, and they find those truths as great insights that they don’t have.  

The client gives SOCH their trust before they engage because they find and trust that we are telling them the truth about their problems and challenges. 

This makes us morally and even spiritually obligated to, at best, listen to our clients. We are also required to listen to what they aren’t able to say but feel and tell them truths that they most need to hear (may not want to hear but need to). 

He said, but why do you have to take this approach?  

You know, Chetan bhai, people usually don’t care this much!  Care is rare, and that is critical for transformational results. 

I asked him if he would have chosen to work with us if he had been kept away from truths that require his attention. The importance of this attention is the importance itself. 

Truths will slip away without importance, and real problems will get unaddressed. Of course, we would be great friends.  

Still, I would like to remain a strategic value creator to you and remain useful more than being a friend, like a best friend who doesn’t shy away from saying truths and help you gather all the confidence and solutions needed to resolve & achieve the same.  

I said to him:  
Your source of success is in love.  
Magic occurs when you truly love your business, its purpose, and its core intentions, and you love to give your best in every given situation. 

I told my client there can be many definitions of love, but I would like to see it as:  

Love is a willingness to prioritise another’s well-being or happiness above your own. This alone drives superior results and defines our engagement approach.  

Love makes us commit purely to the client’s delight and tears of success and achievement.  

Love makes us go onward and upward all the time.  

Love never makes us egocentric but always helps us to look for how we can help.  

I asked my client to please remember that if we ever get an award, it must be in the category of the best-supporting actor in helping you make your dream come true.  

You are the hero and the only one who can manifest your dream. We can help you make it possible, cheaper, on-time, and zero-compromise per your dream via engineering, science, art, emotional depth, mental, cognitive, communication, leadership, spiritual understanding, and much more needed  for most projects to succeed.  

Like in personal relationships, love nurtures a connection that goes beyond the known surface. It’s a bond that involves understanding each other’s core values, beliefs, and life goals. This connection creates a sincere sense of companionship, where both partners feel they’re on the same team, working towards common dreams. They both know that cherishing their common dream is a mutual and deep want.  

The same is true when we choose love for our clients in serving them greater than anticipated experience of belonging, service, and success. We can walk many extra miles, not just one or few, to make clients feel grown, valued and successful.  

Like, trust is the bedrock of true love. That is believing in each other’s integrity and having faith in each other’s intentions. And, honesty nurtures this trust. Being truthful with each other strengthens the bond, even if the truth is difficult to face. Using this as a practice to engage with clients is a huge strength in building confidence and yielding superior results.  

We use empathy, which is understanding each other’s feelings deeply. Like true love, partners strive to understand each other’s perspectives, feelings, and needs, providing support and compassion. The same applies to client engagement. Some needs are deep-seated, and they await discovery.   

Empathy helps us to be more patient and tolerant in creating a safe, collaborative space for clients where solutions are designed. 

When you see your client’s success from the lens of love, it is a different level of thinking, doing, and leading clients for their success. Brands like Gucci, Channel, LV, Apple, Google and Starbucks take love very seriously. 

Suppose you get to read onward by Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks, to find his way of describing how love is inspired and perspired in every decision. And then ask yourself – do you, as a Starbucks customer, feel the love he describes? You will have the answer to how important love is for your success. 

There is massive power in deciding to learn what true love is and how it can be used for magical success of manifesting dreams using engineering, science, art and technology.