The role of mentoring in business growth

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted June 25, 2018 in Business & Organisation

The role of mentoring in business growth

How we see the role of mentors in business growth
If teachers help you gain knowledge,
If friends give you unbiased views,
If parents give you wisdom,
Then mentors help you build.

Needless to say, the business environment today is getting highly unpredictable and complex. The changes in the past few months almost seem like changes of a decade. In order to leverage these changes , businesses first need to understand these changes and its strategic impact for building a sustainably growing enterprise.

Businesses have many resources – land, capital, assets but most important of all are its people. People though the biggest asset for any business, ends up in being the biggest liability for most, if not all. The mastery that the business needs to develop is to keep people at the asset level. This is where the role of mentors come in.

Mentoring is a means of developing people (all stakeholders) through their very own realisations. These realisations could enable people to transform businesses through a deeper understanding of their own potential and possibilities. Mentors play multiple roles to help a person build. As a coach, they help improve performance and as mentors, they help you realise your potential. The context i.e. the situation decides what role a mentor would play at a particular point of time.

The beginning of a mentoring journey is through a detailed assessment and understanding of the problem and the environment (physical and mental) in which the problem exists, somewhat similar to what a seasoned doctor does. What one gains from this is an answer to two crucial questions – where in reality the problem exists and why it continues to exist?

We believe that in order to build future-ready organisations, businesses here, need to understand and leverage the already existing potential at three levels – the way of doing business by staying relevant to change, the mindset and the collective efficacy.