Unlocking the inner mechanism for leadership

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted August 9, 2018 in Leadership

Unlocking the inner mechanism for leadership

The business world is becoming increasingly complex. Each of us long to work with truly distinguished leaders. We have often heard people say that we would like to build a company where people would be valued and respected, no matter where you come from.

A common belief is that smart people make the best leaders. We strongly believe that it is a misconception. ‘Smart’ is important and there is no substitute for ability but to lead self and others, you must know what you are doing, why you are doing, have curiosity and passion for it and develop keen judgements.

Remember, competence does count but what distinguishes the great leaders from a mediocre one is not competence alone but their ability to build character through a consistent conduct of not themselves alone, but that of the others in the organisation as well.

Why does it matter to focus on the inner beliefs and assumptions?

Let us help you see this with an example, imagine a beautiful looking hot air balloon ready to take flight. Yet, it is anchored to the ground. Would it move?

Even more important is to ask, if the same is unanchored, would it move in the right direction?

We believe leadership is similar, if not same.

Leadership is about beyond knowing self – the beyond that is not merely about knowing but feeling self, not jumping to accept your own fears but begin with acknowledging your fears and building courage to set yourself free first. Once free, comes the realisation of responsibility to use the freedom for which you need your own compass that would guide you, shape you, direct you and even stop you on your path to build a future that holds both prosperity and meaning.

We call this authentic leadership.

A leadership, so true and real, that no matter how long, hard and challenging the journey is the leader along with the people led by him/her will always find his way back. His decision making would not be merely gut based or even rationale based only but would have the right bearings – the right push of leadership and the right pull of the future to be built. This is what gives leadership courage, resilience and tenacity to stay put, keep coming back to the path and grow – each day and for days.

Let us share with you one important reality – Nobody knows it all. Be it the richest or the best, leaders make choice – they take chances and figure things out. What they know is, who they are; why they are doing; where they are headed and why should people be led by them. They know their ‘core’

How would this matter?

If you choose to lead self and others in this way, you would always be on your path – committed and forever learning.

“If you are guided by your own internal compass that represents your character and values, you’re going to be fine.” says our leadership coach.

Every leader has weaknesses, and all are subject to human mistakes. What matters is, every time you fall, how do you rise back? Do you rise to survive or thrive?