What is legacy? And, why it matters?

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted January 10, 2023 in Family business

What is legacy? And, why it matters?

Is it a word that applies to only families? Or does it also apply to family businesses? Or businesses as well? Or even nations?

What does legacy mean?

What helps in building legacies?

What perspectives help leaders from any walk of life to understand the true meaning and value of legacy, making them more powerful and prevailing over time?

Why not only should you bother about it from a rightful perspective, but also deeply invest in it – For you to gain all you ever wished and infinite abundance and happiness of material, mental, and spiritual.

What legacies can help build that nothing else can?

In our family business consulting engagements, great stalwarts often ask this with puzzled eyes. Many stated that they always believed that legacy is about what you leave behind for your children and may even further generations. Largely, they meant financial and material prosperity that is left behind.

Over the period working with us, when they realise why truly legacies are magical and necessary to the human soul – they usually find themselves empowered like never before and almost seek the power of silence to waste not a pulse of theirs in building the legacies (the way they never imagined before)

In a profoundly simple way, you can think of legacy as leaving your great intentions living.

It is about what you truly believe that makes your business enrich the lives of your customers, consumers, & clients eternally, Or makes your family enrich the lives of societies, communities and other families, Or believe what makes you enrich the lives of millions serving them a better side of life and meaning as a whole.

In other words – legacy is about how you create a lasting contribution helping push the human race forward, making lives better & richer unendingly, and in making your nation and planet earth a place to serve humanity in its most honourable & happy ways.

It is faith.

It is an emotion beyond and deeper than any fleeting emotion.

It is a permanent mark on everything that remains transient.

It is the way you leave your mark behind in helping and serving humankind to evolve.It is, in a nutshell, God’s work.

Do you realise that you are living on somebody else’s legacy? Do you realise that someone somewhere on this good earth left their legacies or, in other words, their intentions living?

  • If you are using iPhone – who’s legacy are you making your business success count on?
  • If you are using radio waves and devices that come from them, then whose legacy are you using for your enrichment of life?
  • If you are using an HP printer in your beautiful Antwerp office, then whose legacy you chose to make your success come from?
  • If you are a regular to hold your billionaire meets at a beautiful lake in the Alps of Obbürgen, whose legacy is it that is giving you the platform to create more success and hopefully good for humanity?
  • If you are using TCS and its IT services to create that KM system connecting your worldwide data centres, then whose legacy is that which is giving you the confidence necessary for your business data?
  • If you are living in India, breathing its very free air, whose legacy is left behind, and whose intentions are carved in the great compilation of the Indian Constitution?

Wonder ever that you are creating success exactly by being enriched, nourished, and protected amidst those who cared enough to leave their intentions living for many like us.


And, for one deep breath, absorb the breadth, depth, and scale of this ultra-powerful and beautiful word—LEGACY. Ask yourselves if your scope of seeing legacy has changed, and if yes, what actions must it warrants you to enact. If you are a family business, the code of legacy yours is embedded such that through your beloved family members today and tomorrow for centuries, live this code in a system that creates enriched life that sings and dances in spiritual awareness, making the earth a more beautiful & worthy place. All because you cared enough to put in work to make your legacy eternalise intentions.