By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted November 29, 2023 in Leadership


The readers have humbled me with their responses on this article. I am encouraged to write more of the song my heart plays on this topic. 

In part 1, I clarified that no other definition of courage can help create the life you want except that it is all about you saying ‘yes’ to yourself for the love you hold in your heart. 

Read part 1 here 

The truths of your heart are matters of true love. 

The truths that make you feel complete. 

The truth is what makes you yearn for the eternally fulfilling yearning. 

The truth that brings a smile on your face. 

The truths that will never die, but you will. 

Your truths lead to an experience of love. 

The truths begin with love and end in experiencing love or when love is wholehearted and soulful. Whatever you begin with, such love manifests in reality for sure, and it will prevail. 

Love has a permanent preservative effect on anything you love. 

Be it a business you love, you can prevail it. 

Be it a relationship, you can prevail over it too (the Taj Mahal is nothing but a commemoration with deep feelings of love & respect). 

Be it a skill you love, you can prevail it too (like Patek Philips museum for ages to preserve hence prevail his love for timepieces and its intricacies in making them) 

Why do you think people who prevailed in whatever they loved said yes to them despite knowing that saying yes to what they truly love could cost them their lives, ridicule, lifetime harassment, untold sacrifices, mortal risk, and much more? Why? 

They did that – they said yes to what they loved because they are those who knew that they only had one life – the ultimate truth. We have one life. 

Hence, they did say yes to what they truly loved. Their admission in their heart for this single truth permits them to live their truth about whatever they love. No risk is the risk for them as they can’t risk living their life with what they love dies unlived. 

Love is metaphysical for all that is in existence. To make the new reality in the physical world, you must take very seriously love as an enabling force of creation. 

If you ask now, why create? Then, we must create as spiritual beings, taking human experiences. We are the only species to create at will. We are the only ones to make a choice. Creation is only possible when we do with love, reason with love, and permit ourselves to love to create an experience of creation. 

Unless you say yes to yourself, the manifestation power of love can never come into play. Will it? Hence, all the power is with you. You are the most powerful because without you making that choice to say yes, nothing will get created that you want to experience prevail with love. 

Say yes and decide. 

It will be a matter of time, and the persistent commitment you will work for fulfils the future that matters, and you will love it with your head, heart and soul. 

If all the above makes sense, then I want to ask you – Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one and wild, precious life”?