Did Dinosours Servive The Apocalypse?

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted January 17, 2023 in Business & Organisation

Did Dinosours Servive The Apocalypse?

Dear Readers

Thank you for so much love and encouragement you shared for the sheer value you find (in not-so-perfect writing yet) of mine.

I am grateful for those of you who believed in the insights I shared and hard truths that you not only swallowed but allowed yourselves to reflect on and made decisions to act by investing in transformation programs heading north of lower nine figures to upper north, which you once believed only as an over-boarded madness.

I would like to help you by not ignoring the core message of the article unless it’s your untoward that may be more attractive to you.

When it comes to the Indian business ecosystem – undoubtedly a large part, more than 80%, are businesses run as family businesses, of which the majority, above 97%, are running based on traditional thought processes, beliefs, decision making and methods of business success.

When I am in serious & engaging conversations with owners who had enjoyed being mighty and are so caught up in the day-to-day because they are not willing to bring reform to their businesses at the speed that will save them from becoming a sad history – I help them think of an era of ginormous-sized dinosaurs once on our planet ruling our planet, and they are all gone! Vanished! Perished!

Nearly 200 giant, respectful & ultra-ethical family businesses I met – In most of them, I fail to see the willingness to lose their grip on what traditional thinking, leading, and doing has served them. They think they are invincible; they believe they are safe because of the significant piles of cash, assets, estates, and everything they call prosperity under control.

It takes me a while to help them reach a point to allow themselves to help themselves.

When they realise that the current decade and decades after the current one, nothing short of a tsunami after the tsunami in the business world is going to make an onslaught – they begin thinking in the direction of building their organisations to take the maximum thriving advantage of these tsunamis.

It takes them a while to believe that dinosaurs are replaced by 1/1000th in size, 1/millionth in physical strength and a seriously scaled-down version of theirs by – Humans!

So much so that humans are apex predators born on the planet, and none, in the future can replace them except they terminate their species, and you know this.

So, the key is even if today the businesses you own are mighty in your view, you need a serious and, more importantly, a sincere calibration of its formidable prowess in the world coming towards you. If the businesses are not mighty, you believe in today’s date. Then you need to take a much more serious look in the mirror and make a much more aggressive step to do everything at the highest speed possible in reforming and reinventing the business and its organisation to survive and thrive.

The good news though compared to dinosaurs era and current era is — humans, that is you, hold an unparalleled ability and advantage by turning a seemingly inescapable apocalypse into a lifetime of cherishing reality. By doing so you are building legacies that will matter to mankind—and womankind. You bring all this to your advantage by letting go of the traditional thought processes grip today, insecurities, and false egos and get busy at speed in investing all energies you have or can borrow towards turning this sequel of tsunamis into a game-changing tale for time ahead to tell.

Be very clear – Don’t confuse by questioning yourselves that since you use morals, principles, and values, does that makes you traditional? No, not all.

It is critical and vital even to differentiate between traditional and timeless.

Your values, principles and ethics are all timeless and cannot be called traditional.

They are timelessly powerful, preservable, and to pursue like religion (or more even).

The application of these values, principles, morals, and ethics is what I am asking you to question from the future lens.

I am asking you to look at your traditional thinking, traditional ways of decision-making, traditional ways of leading, and traditional ways of doing.

Perhaps, ask yourselves, how must my organisation be designed to meet future challenges? How exactly must you build a model for unleashing your leadership? What blueprint must you have made for your business to thrive in times not too far ahead and far too? How every mechanism & structure and the basic blueprint of the business and organisation are amalgamated to produce a thriving speed and ability, and yet it changes fast not to cope up to survive but to thrive harder…)

The intention of this writing is not to present solutions. It won’t matter unless you have this dialogue with yourself, and you find yourself ready in the humble submission that, indeed, there is a flourish or perish case here to take a deliberation, decision, and transformational action (or even revolutionary action as you see deem fit)

Nonetheless, what you think – you must be infinitely grateful for the gift from the time given to you as an owner. Because, despite what you choose, the times are historically remarkable and are insanely awesome, gifting those who are ready to live in a pride of century and are going to build amass of fortune for aeons!

I hope this helps.