Losing togetherness. Losing grip & growth. Losing meaning. Eventually, losing the charm of family business or worse.

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted April 4, 2022 in Insights on Family Business

Losing togetherness. Losing grip & growth. Losing meaning. Eventually, losing the charm of family business or worse.

What would you recognise as more costly? Losing them all or spending in making your Family Constitution? 

Feeling togetherness in every beat of your heart with your family is a bliss. Speaking of togetherness to self & others but not feeling it would lead to a slow but sure disaster. You don’t need to be educated on this. You know this. 

Ask yourself in your private moment whether you feel this togetherness that you crave for. 

Many family businesses have reached the pinnacle of wealth with their UHNI status or higher even. We consistently find this as a persisting complaint or as symptoms in several private conversations with us. 

They think they mean it, but I don’t find that in many evident encounters with them during the deeper client engagements. Upon posing scenarios, they boil down to admitting several shades of feeling reflecting only this – They are worried about the actual state of emotional restlessness in the quietness of hearts of family members rather than in their spoken words. 

The more the restlessness is felt or for a longer time, the spoken words leave the meaning behind more and more. 

With this, Does the business of the family not get affected? Many think it doesn’t matter if the wealth is flowing in and amass of social façade that has been built will formidably somehow help them from every storm. 

Not feeling togetherness in its pure sense as you yearn for (or perhaps the feeling gets hazy altogether, if not lost). 

Not feeling the richness, beauty, and power of togetherness within your heart in your alone time is the key to acknowledging if there must be any hope of taking the glory and prosperity of the family business for generations forward. 

Does this make sense to you? Can you feel this as a path paving and useful discomfort? If this discomfort is weirdly helpful, you must follow through until you win over the threat you are living with. 

The superpower of family business that only you have among all possible formats of the business. 

Invest to save this purity of togetherness. Strengthen it, grow it, heal it, build it until time and win the world with it. This is far less costly than doing nothing and counting just the golden eggs that the business continues adding to your treasury. 

For family businesses who have recognised this superpower, have begun their journey to leverage this business advantage. They have taken steps to not just thrive their business for about 40-50 years but to thrive for 200 years or even more. 

For family businesses who have not yet taken a step: Why don’t you still choose on your own the investment path to make the family a permanently healthy institution? Isn’t not investing in finding this resolve an act of denial, fear, play safe and a total compromise? 

Repair when it’s broken or invest in what matters most and keep it going – what is your mindset? 

Do a favour to yourself – Save yourselves from living the breaths you genuinely don’t deserve, nor do your children or grandchildren deserve. Take a call. 

The beauty is that you can begin transforming everything now with a sincere acknowledgement of yourself and your breath first. A confession and an admission in your heart, in your inner voice, could create a transcendental impact of changing the lives of everybody you care for and love, including the unborn children in the family. Pause. Think! Better Feel! 

Let me make one confession of my own: 

  • Making decisions out of fear is not wisdom. 
  • Making decisions proactively and strategically is acceptable. 
  • Making decisions from happiness and the family mission is undoubtedly healthy. 
  • Making decisions from the standpoint of uncompromising happiness of every family member (including those yet to join via marriage or the new birth, the family will welcome as new entrants of newer generation) along with the long-term meaning, success, and fulfilment of all members individually and collectively as one unified identity of family in the world are wise. 

What is your decision standpoint for the future of the family? 

What is your time horizon for the family? 

The above two will create a unique multi-generational unstoppable growth and abundance vantage for future generations. This results in reaping with generations ahead, helping them grow incessantly and exponentially, or everything from today may simply just exist. 

What do you want? Be honest to yourself. Nothing matters if you aren’t honest. 

Well, I am not sorry to be thought-provoking here. My intention is to help you help yourself to think. Making you shake the unshakable. I am aware that it is increasingly crucial to help someone help himself. And the biggest and most challenging of all help is helping someone be honest with himself. If you have read this far, thank you for letting me stand true to service for family businesses who deserve eternal happiness, abundance, unity, and love. I hope I have you on this. 

It’s okay if this doesn’t speak to you now. It will speak to you one day. I hope it is soon, so that you can create your history of a great family business that cares for feeling the togetherness in their hearts instead of speaking the tales of togetherness via the tongue. 

If this makes sense in your gut, begin institutionalising your family to last its promise of togetherness, felt, and lived until time ends. 

Have a great day ahead.