SOCH Business Mentors LLP

SOCH Business Mentors LLP

A Clarion call to family business owners:

When you pause your personal and business leadership development, you invite an illusion of success instead of achieving abundance that you believe and deserve  Family-owned businesses ask us in awe and even rivalry – How does the income of western companies grow in billions of dollars every quarter? What is the secret?  The vague yet straightforward answer

Family Constitution & Family Governance Increase Your Acceleration For Hyper Business Growth

Family constitution and family governance increase your acceleration for hyper business growth.  Rhetoric, but let us ask:  Should you care to have your family constitution & governance?  In our work as a specialized consultant to global UHNIs & HNIs of family enterprises, we learned that mainly Indian family businesses are on the brink of permanent success with

Why honesty is so rare among us!

Back in times when people were honest, do you remember that time? If you are like I am and most of the people around, then frankly, we haven’t seen that era. There can be several observations we can make and deduce from them – many conclusions even, however, the observations and deductions are not going

Why wait! – please ask yourself.

Would you wait until many hundreds begin their family transformation so it feels safer for you to follow the pack (and lose the share of advantage you can gain or even lose family altogether)? The opportunity is too big to miss for the family business ecosystem which harbours millions of family businesses, and new hundreds

Leaders & Owners of Indian Family Business: Tune into abundance

This depends on: Whether you see money as a tool to buy things or a tool to exchange energy? Business families who own businesses have to clarify in their core intent whether they are taking money as an indestructible, infinite, and cannot-be-owned energy or are they taking money as a destructible, definite and can-be-owned currency on paper? This

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