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SOCH Business Mentors LLP

What ensures that a family’s timeless wants are met?

Usually, family businesses with lasting legacies have these 3 timeless wants:  For these wants to become a reality, it is considered that institutionalized approach provides greater chances of success to build a lasting legacy.   If institutionalisation of family holds a tall order to deliver eternity of success, harmony, abundance and meaning, then the only hope

A perspective on: Becoming the de-facto choice of customers for your consistent growth A perspective on: 

In any business, the growth levers are considered as sales, marketing, and branding. Of course, product manufacturing and service deliveries are all crucial. But it all matters only when the customers make that buying decision.   And growth comes when before the customer makes that buying decision to fulfil their goals, they already have your product

Your legacy is in your hands.

Worrying about your children is what everyone does. Worrying about the unborn generations of children is only special to the family businesses.   We have been privileged to witness and feel this type of worry by families running their family enterprise worldwide as – The worry of power. The worry for power deeply impacts family businesses’

To never lose sight of your purpose

The story of three bricklayers isn’t an uncommon one. Most of us have probably heard it, read about it or even narrated it to someone.     For those who don’t know the story:  One day in 1671, Christopher Wren (a famous artchitect who was asked to design St. Paul Cathedral)  observed three bricklayers on a

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