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Did Dinosours Servive The Apocalypse?

Dear Readers Thank you for so much love and encouragement you shared for the sheer value you find (in not-so-perfect writing yet) of mine. I am grateful for those of you who believed in the insights I shared and hard truths that you not only swallowed but allowed yourselves to reflect on and made decisions

What is legacy? And, why it matters?

Is it a word that applies to only families? Or does it also apply to family businesses? Or businesses as well? Or even nations? What does legacy mean? What helps in building legacies? What perspectives help leaders from any walk of life to understand the true meaning and value of legacy, making them more powerful

A powerful enabler to the success of your business and your family

Eight years ago in mid-year 2014, the largest family business conference was held by Harvard Business School, Cambridge, Boston, in Asia. Most of our neighbouring countries’ biggest families and more than 85% of top Indian businesses gathered for a five-day family governance summit. The finest practitioners and lead authorities had come to deliver what they

Owner’s silent & powerful enemy to growth

Owner’s silent & powerful enemy to growth “I already do it.”“I already know it.”“I already have it.”“I know how this works.“and other variants of the same! If humility is a gift, then being wise is a genie. You must note that the economic opportunity presented to India to rise is an exact opposite of a

Family Business Succession Challenge – Part 4

Thank you for all your pouring in trust and the valuable time you took to write your succession challenges and related silent killers. You have broadened our perspective, allowed us to serve our purpose, and given us pride in fulfilling our ode to our profession (Ode to our profession). We never thought we would receive several multigenerational

Family Business Succession Challenge – Part 3

We recommend that you read Part 1 & Part 2 of this article first, if it skipped your attention. To access the article, Family Business Succession Challenge (Part 1) Have you wondered what it takes to create a dream? Did you see any family business that lasts 16 generations and are having diverse individuals sitting

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