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SOCH Business Mentors LLP

Why do growth initiatives fail?

All companies understand that the ability to sustain growth is becoming increasingly critical for any business. In fact, it has become the very source of competitive advantage for a business. This means that businesses need to continuously look for opportunities to grow and to improve. Any initiative towards growth entails changes for progress – small

The reality behind why the 43%

The reality behind why the 43% Growing a family business in today’s changing socio-economic environment is really challenging, even baffling to certain extent. Is it not almost a cliché to say that handing over the business from one generation to the other is another challenge altogether? Unfortunately, it can turn out to be a source

Creating the Next Wave of Business Growth

Estabilished in 1958, HPY Group is a leading family business, manufacturer and exporter of colour pigment products with four vertically integrated manufacturing facilities, advanced machinery and a delicated workforce of 1200 employees. The first and second-generation of the family have been working together for three decades and have sucessfully led the business to become an

Achieving sustainable business performance in changing times

‘Sustainable’ and ‘Performance’ are two such words which add to the meaning of each other. Performance without sustainability would be like a bubble effect that would happen once but wouldn’t last. Sustainability without any performance is meaningless as there will be no results. The question that arises then is how can businesses achieve sustainable performance

The role of branding in business growth

Branding is one of the most important part of business strategy and also the least understood concept. Branding is often interchangeably used with marketing or even logo of a company. In real world, branding is much more than these. Present day businesses think of branding as a customer-facing communication. But in fact, branding is what

Ensuring the continuity of family business legacy

In 2011, Mr. Suresh Prasad and Mr. Kishor Prasad, the second generation owner of SSK Ayurveda Ltd. realised that to continue the legacy of the Family business, they will have to proactively work on the succession planning for the future generations. They did not have a clear choice of successor from the third generation and

The Shift – Sooner than we imagine

In 2015, we had been asked – Where does ‘leadership’ truly come from? An impromptu response from SOCH was – “All that our mother told us repeatedly and we chose to ignore during our childhood, had precious seeds of leadership” Businesses wanting to survive the impact of 21st century, whether they believe it or not,

Born to Serve

SOCH was born to serve the spirit of Indian family businesses. Our purpose, passion and practices are aligned to help family businesses create their future-that-matters. Our expertise in implementing global business practices combined with our deep understanding of family dynamics, uniquely positions us to enable long term exponential growth for family businesses. We work with the family

Building a Growth Centric 21st Century Organisation

Mr. Ramesh and his business partners realised that to thrive in global competition, MKG Grop, a parent company with interest in various industries, will have to proactively adopt the best approaches and global practices. They will primarily have to: a) Create 21st century suistainable organisation, run by a professional management team that delivers exponetial growth

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