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If communication can save heart-breaks and wars in the family, the family constitution lays a sound groundwork for the effectiveness of communication.

Did it occur to you why communication in business-owning families is so widely felt unsettling? Did it occur to you why – Even when it is pulsating and unsettling to the core of almost every multigenerational family, people hardly take conscious steps to level up their game? Why do they instead decide to live with

Results Matter!

The process ensures what matters is accomplished and adds to the desired result Business leaders constantly look for results and somehow commit to achieving them. When they mature in achieving results again & again, they realise that what they are enjoying is outcomes attached to results. However, as an individual, they haven’t changed much. The

Innocent reasons

that wash away great efforts & large investments of hope ultimately making the process of family constitution fail. Before I share the reasons for why the constitution process fails, sabotaging all hopes and invested efforts, there are certain fears I had been privileged to be trusted by the family members that I would like you

On what factors the next generation turns out as an ultra-high-value asset or the one who always needs help to align and perform?

Have you come across in your or other multigenerational family business where cousins and brothers hold wonderful asset-class business capabilities, delivering a consistent long-term thrive and success to your family enterprise?  Did you notice the sheer presence of their produce stunning growth effects?  Did it occur to you how the family would have developed such

How does the constitution restrict freedom or unleashes it?

A typical question that reveals one major hesitation among multigenerational family businesses is their freedom.  Some feel that having a family constitution restricts their lifestyle and access to wealth.  Some feel that it may even affect their share of ownership, and uncertainty about it makes them freeze in their minds.  Others feel that if a

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