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SOCH Business Mentors LLP

We work with leaders and family businesses to build lasting legacy.

Time for Spiritual Commerce has come.

A decade ago, while dealing with some of the toughest business paradoxes and dilemmas, I observed an incredible reality, i.e. Cognitive Intelligence comes to a limit. Beyond a limit, even the Creative Intelligence seeks direction, and they both only renew and re-invent in the realm of Spiritual Intelligence.  A business has problems that are bigger than the boundary of the

A Shared Vision for Building Reality

Envisioned future (a.k.a. The Vision Statements), simply put, is what the business wants to mean (its worth) in the eyes of the key stakeholders – customers, employees (& their families), suppliers, partners, investors and the society at large, over a period of the time Many confuse envisioned future with only what the company wants to

The Leadership Challege

For businesses today, striving for continuous effectiveness and innovation (of business ways and not only product innovation)is no longer an option – survival requires it. But in order to thrive in today’s economy, businesses must move beyond effectiveness and innovation alone, to significance which includes delivering impact to all its stakeholders. This made us question

Unlocking the inner mechanism for leadership

The business world is becoming increasingly complex. Each of us long to work with truly distinguished leaders. We have often heard people say that we would like to build a company where people would be valued and respected, no matter where you come from. A common belief is that smart people make the best leaders.

Consulting is more.

Most often, businesses fail to understand the role and impact of consulting. This limited awareness of consulting often results in them choosing quicker and short-term solutions which do not deliver the desired results, ultimately resulting in an even poorer state, loss of confidence and most important of all, loss of time. Understanding consulting… Consulting is

The role of mentoring in business growth

How we see the role of mentors in business growthIf teachers help you gain knowledge,If friends give you unbiased views,If parents give you wisdom,Then mentors help you build. Needless to say, the business environment today is getting highly unpredictable and complex. The changes in the past few months almost seem like changes of a decade.

Why do growth initiatives fail?

All companies understand that the ability to sustain growth is becoming increasingly critical for any business. In fact, it has become the very source of competitive advantage for a business. This means that businesses need to continuously look for opportunities to grow and to improve. Any initiative towards growth entails changes for progress – small

The reality behind why the 43%

The reality behind why the 43% Growing a family business in today’s changing socio-economic environment is really challenging, even baffling to certain extent. Is it not almost a cliché to say that handing over the business from one generation to the other is another challenge altogether? Unfortunately, it can turn out to be a source

Creating the Next Wave of Business Growth

Estabilished in 1958, HPY Group is a leading family business, manufacturer and exporter of colour pigment products with four vertically integrated manufacturing facilities, advanced machinery and a delicated workforce of 1200 employees. The first and second-generation of the family have been working together for three decades and have sucessfully led the business to become an

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